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Cheap Flights with low cost – Germany

domingo, octubre 24th, 2010

Many times, when we decide that we want to visit a country where we have not been the first choice that comes to mind is to fly to their capital. While there are some countries that concentrate in the capital much of its culture and tourism, it is usual, and a clear example of this is Germany. The German state as such is a relatively recent invention, with little more than 130 years.

Cheap Flights with low cost - Germany

Photography by daspaddy

Germany was always a region dominated by powerful city-state, sometimes capital of small kingdoms. Frankfurt, Aahen, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and many others were masters of their destiny for a long time and preserve an important ancient heritage proudly showing visitors, whether in the form of spectacular cathedrals, castles, palaces or by a large number of museums. (más…)

Athens by night – Bars and restaurants

lunes, agosto 16th, 2010

Many tourists who are close to reaching the city of Athens in Greece, will be the question: What is Athens at night? Come to that point because everyone in one way or another know or have heard of Athens and the first thing that comes to mind are its monuments and sculptures, but another important aspect is the nightlife of the city. Then we leave a list of these sites:

Athens by night - Bars and restaurants

Photography by dennis and aimee jonez

Restaurants in Athens (más…)

Cheap flights

martes, marzo 10th, 2009

Well let me tell you, I was searching the web prices of the cheapest flights and I was pleasantly surprised with the company via internet travel

For reservations until March 6 at 10:00: offers cheap flights to some of the major holiday destinations this summer. The supply of summer, the airline includes cities such as Paris and Rome, and other holiday favorites, such as Sharm El Sheikh and Tenerife. (más…)

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