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Lima: The City of Balconies

jueves, diciembre 1st, 2011

Buildings in the historic center of Lima, Peru, there are many balconies of the colonial era, corresponding to the Viceroyalty of the country. These give the environment a unique beauty, which is an attraction for thousands of tourists visit this city every year.

The City of Balconies

Photography by HBarrison

The profusion of these balconies gives a particular harmony and originality to this world heritage site in Lima.
The inhabitants of Lima never conceived as something unusual in the amount of these. Lima is spoken of as the «City of the balconies». (más…)

The true cost of damage to the planet

jueves, junio 23rd, 2011

One need not be an environmentalist to be concerned about the survival of the species on the planet. Think of the farmers in China, who must now pay for their apple trees are pollinated because there are not enough bees. And not just bees that are declining. As a direct result of human activity, species are becoming extinct at a rate a thousand times higher than considered natural. Ecosystems are suffering too. 20% of coral reefs have been destroyed in recent decades and another 20% is seriously threatened. The statistics concern all, because we are all we will end up footing the bill.

The true cost

Photography by U.S. Army Environmental Command

The true cost: (más…)

Path to Silicon Valley

lunes, marzo 21st, 2011

Silicon Valley is a place that is not a valley; this is located in the southern San Francisco Bay, California, western United States. It is known in Silicon Valley by the large number of companies that still manufacture silicon chips used in the manufacture of electronic devices. Currently, the Silicon Valley is one of the regions that have more technology companies in the world, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Yahoo among many others.

Path to Silicon Valley

Photography by Revolweb

In the Silicon Valley are people like Palo Alto (where Stanford University), San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino (famous for having the headquarters of Apple) or Menlo Park, among many other municipalities. (más…)

What to do in Liverpool II

lunes, marzo 14th, 2011

Bloh Villa de Ayora: What to do in Liverpool – Part II

Liverpool Cathedrals:

The English city has two cathedrals, both of very recent construction.

Anglican Cathedral: Built between 1901 and 1978, is very large. It is the most traditional style Catholic Cathedral, but it is much older. The first part of the building constructed (the Lady Chapel) was completed in 1910, but the rest would take more than seventy years to complete. A Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral will involve several records, including the largest cathedral in the UK, which has the world’s tallest tower, in addition to the heavier bells. It also boasts the cathedral with Gothic arches and wide highest worldwide. Its opening hours are from 8am to 18pm every day. (más…)

Stress-free travel tips II

martes, marzo 8th, 2011

Stress-free travel tips – Part II

– Bring your ID and passport, provided. It is important to take these two forms of identity if we leave the country, although not compulsory to have both (if you travel by the European Economic Community), because the key is to bring several documents. In addition, we must always keep in different places. For example, we can leave the ID at the hotel and carry a passport, or carry your passport in your backpack and ID in my wallet. The idea is to relieve the stress knowing that if we lose our purse or wallet stolen, at least we have somewhere else you need to identify and return home as soon as possible. Another practice that reduces stress is to take the portfolio as sheltered and close to the body as possible. Thus, with only a little rozarnos the area in question already know that all is well. (más…)

Tips to photograph sunsets

miércoles, diciembre 8th, 2010

One of the most treasured photos of a trip is always a sunset. We offer a few tips and tricks to achieve the desired photo shoot, so you look as hard to get.

Tips to photograph sunsets

Photography by gailf548

A very important factor to consider for any photo is light, but in the case of the sunsets this factor becomes paramount. We get an image rich in saturated, capture the richness of colors that we face. Our job as photographers will be to show the camera what the area that really interests us shoot is. (más…)

City guide with a gadget – Software Metro

lunes, octubre 25th, 2010

When we go to practice or cultural urban tourists usually buy a guidebook to the city or cities to visit, and maybe supplement with extra information: expanded documentation of the sights you want to visit with schedules, prices, historical data, etc… and moreover we print more specific plans of the city and its main transport. Couple this material will have a very good base to explore the site secured.

City guide with a gadget - Software Metro

Photography by Martin Burns

However, transport is not accustomed to point and lines day and night buses, trams, etc. we could come to marvel at more than one occasion when we are on the ground, in order to optimize the time devoted to the transportation between sites. In addition, continuously display an entire plane for quick reference is not very practical. (más…)

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