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Ecopark in Ecuador of Fun and wildlife

sábado, diciembre 24th, 2011

Here are a possibility linked to nature, flora and fauna of Ecuador. The province of Tungurahua is just 5 minutes from the city of Puyo, Pastaza Province, in the Amazon Ecopark is Monteselva, which is reached by an excellent road and where tourists can also enjoy a great variety of services, see numerous species of animals living in this place.

Ecopark in Ecuador

Photography by Rinaldo W.

In this area, there is the entrance to the Amazon, a place where different ethnic groups are settled as that of the Huaroainis, Achuar, Shuar, Ando, ??Shili, Quichua and Cofan, who for many years were the owners of the place but in Today, before the advance of civilization, and are increasingly reducing their habitat and habits to suit the modern world, although there are still those who prefer to preserve their ancestral identity. (más…)

Travel to Uruguay: La Paloma, Cabo Polonio and Lighthouse Santa Maria

sábado, diciembre 24th, 2011

In Rocha, Uruguay is the lagoon of the same name, declared National Park in 1977. The lake occupies about 72 km2, with a strip of sand that separates the sea, which opens periodically.

This natural habitat is sighted over 200 species of birds among which we highlight the Chilean flamingo and black-necked swan. Beside the Lagoon Otter is of great importance for the diversity of its fauna. There you can see swans, herons, ducks, Bigua and screamers. At about 14 km west National Park is an important viewpoint Lakeside, which lends much to the bird watching.

Travel to Uruguay

Photography by Libertinus

Aspects of place: (más…)

Brazil: 5 large natural landscapes

lunes, noviembre 28th, 2011

Brazil has large natural landscapes, among them are five natural scenery: The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Pantanal, Amazon, Iguassu Falls and Mount Roraima.

Brazil has large natural landscapes

Photography by JorgeBRAZIL

Fernando de Noronha:
The archipelago has 21 islands. The largest is the only inhabited, that of Fernando de Noronha, is a marine national park that takes 85% of its territory and natural heritage of mankind. Federal laws control the movements and daily rates charged for the stay of tourists from just over 2,000 inhabitants, so as to preserve this ecological sanctuary where more than 250 species of fish. The sea is the lucrative diving, day and night, exhibiting all the colors of coral, manta rays, turtles large and docile. (más…)

The landscapes of Cherry Valley Jerte

sábado, octubre 8th, 2011

One of the most beautiful landscapes we see in Spain is undoubtedly the Jerte Valley, north of Extremadura during the dates of the cherry blossoms.

valley Jerte

Photography by pabloama

The cherry blossoms in the Valley for a few weeks Jerte foster an extravaganza of color, when we can see the whole valley and the slopes of the mountains covered by a carpet of white flowers of one million trees.

Season of visits: (más…)

Catamarca – Travel Tips

viernes, mayo 27th, 2011

In the previous post we talked about the route made in Catamarca, so we must take into account that this be a retreat in a rural setting is sure to be some things you should know before you arrive and for this we have the following points try:

the route made in Catamarca

Photography by

Anillaco Three miles to a roadside, a precarious about protecting the remains of the city of Watungasta diaguita, built in adobe. Its origins date back to the early first millennium and are believed to have been inhabited continuously for five or six centuries, until 1650. The present condition of Watungasta is ruinous, is not much, but remains in the ground part general structure became the city with the arrival of the Incas in 1480. (más…)

Sweden: Lapland region

miércoles, mayo 25th, 2011

In the far north of Sweden, Lapland is the land of northern lights and midnight sun. An adventure between ice hotels, reindeer, Arctic Circle and the Sami culture, explore a region still largely intact, made of breathtaking landscapes.


Photography by jsandb

The north of the North is certainly a unique land. If you have seen thousands of miles away the map of Sweden and is attached to the northern end of the world, what can be imagined to the nearest point to the Arctic Circle? Ice, snow, sleds, long days in summer and shorter in winter, reindeer herding, fishing trips … invites all the adventure in a region so remote and rich in culture and natural resources. (más…)

Route Aquitaine – France

jueves, mayo 12th, 2011

Last March, I gave her a break in the Aquitaine region in southwestern France, I would like to share. I did not know the area, but a friend recommended me and I decided to try his luck. And what a nice surprise I got!

Route Aquitaine

Photography by Toprural

Since Madrid is 5 hours by car across the border and come to Bayonne, the capital of French Basque country. On the banks of the river Nive, houses with red and white lattices transport you in time. At the turn of every alley of petit Bayonne, taverns and restaurants invite you to take a break while listening to the language whose origin remains a mystery. The market hall invites you to an inevitable stop to enjoy a good slice of ham or cheese. A charming small town! (más…)

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