Hotels in Austria

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Austria is visited annually by hundreds of tourists who come in search of its varied attractions. Visit Vienna, La Casa de la Musica and hear classical pieces from the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, may be part of a special tour. Go to the Belvedere Gallery to see the paintings of Gustav Klimt, visit Linz, cultural capital, enjoy spring in Salzburg, called the North Rome, stroll through its streets, its florid parks by bicycle, or go to the holiday village Innsbruck. Visit the city of Graz, named World Heritage Site by UNESCO or the Palace of Schonbrunn.

Hotels in Austria

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If the traveler decides to go to all these destinations, it is necessary to take into account the place where you stay. For Austria it also includes several offers. We leave here some of which could serve.

If you decide to travel to Vienna and enjoy their palaces and enjoy the best Viennese coffee, one of the services we can provide no comfort to a very high price is the Goldener Bear Hotel. Near major attractions with modern and adequate facilities for relaxing, hotel prices lie in the 50 and 56 euros per room.

If you decide to travel as a backpacker or backpackers, and seeking comfort at low prices, the Westend City Hostel offers you a secure rest and pleasure. Located near the train station (Westbahnhof), and the central shopping street of the city. This hotel has a bar, terrace, comfortable rooms, where you can choose to sleep alone, or sharing rooms with other travelers.

Accommodation in Austria

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The Hotel Congress, built in 1900, is a very attractive offer. Also located near the main attractions of Vienna, this hotel in a slightly higher price worse than bears a strong tradition. Note that this hotel hosted the Emperor Franz Joseph and even the writer Franz Kafka, and it was there that he met the muse of his novels.

If you decide to travel to Salzburg, there are many options. The Atel Hotel Lasserhof, whose average price is 55 euros per room, Hotel Turnerwit, the Johaneshoff Garni, 75 euros per room, with various recreation areas with swimming pool, among other services.

Travel to Salzburg

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If you prefer less ostentatious hostels, but not least comfortable, you can choose between Hotel Pension Adlerhof, Hotel Pension Pension Chiemsse or Elizabeth or Family Guesthouse Youth 6.

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