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Wine tasting in Franschhoek – South Africa

miércoles, abril 27th, 2011

South Africa is the ninth biggest wine producer in the world. Franschoek is the city logo to visit the best wineries in South Africa. Although the city itself seemed a bit artificial, the place is worth to be visited by the beauty of the valley as factories producing modern South African wine tastings will allow us to end up buying wine bottles or cases of wine. The varieties are planted in Franschhoek Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Chardonnay and Syrah.

Wine tasting in Franschhoek

Photography by Smath.

Franschhoek Views:

To put this in context and understand why South African wine is made, we must go back to 1688. (más…)

Adventure Travel Kruger Park

lunes, febrero 14th, 2011

Adventure Travel Kruger Park

Are you preparing your adventure trip to Kruger Park? If you travel to South Africa is a must visit one of the oldest nature reserves and extensive in Africa. The Kruger National Park resonates in the memory in the form of stunning images engraved in our minds through wildlife documentaries, or the mythical idea of adventurous explorer in search of the «Big Five».

Adventure Travel Kruger Park

Photography by Stuart.Bassil

How to plan our safari in Kruger?

A Tour organized. It is without doubt the most comfortable and also more expensive. There are many safari operators for your tours in South Africa and these usually include accommodation, transportation from the place where you hire, food and excursions to meet face to face with African wildlife spectacular. (más…)

The red desert of Namibia

lunes, enero 31st, 2011

The desert of Namibia is the oldest in the world and also an inexhaustible source of vast and beautiful landscapes due to one of its most representative features, the reddish hue of the sand. Its color is due to oxidation of the quartz crystals that form the grains of sand. These in turn have come to shape some of the largest dunes on Earth and a unique setting.

The red desert of Namibia

Tour the southern African

Photography by Namibnat

Tours of Namibia:

Along the coast Namibia extends this particular desert which contains in itself a journey of the senses and experiences. If you do not trip on a tour organized to tour the southern African country is essential to rent a 4 × 4, because outside the capital and a few other cities, the only way is the camping stay. (más…)

Egypt «The City on the edge of the desert»

martes, abril 13th, 2010

Cairo Egypt View from my balcony of the Hotel Sheraton Cairo Hotel, Towers and Casino por FromJoanne.

Lots of sand. A lot!. It is an ocean of sand. That is the first, inevitable impression people have of Egypt, the mythical African country. Today I will focus interesting aspects which you need to know before arriving in Egypt.

First tip: when you’re on foot and have to take a taxi, forget the taxi and the price agreed upon with the driver beforehand. And bargain price, try to download it to half of what the driver says and then go to reach a negotiated agreement. In Cairo it all bargains, but that is a separate issue, discussed later. (más…)

Adventures in the South African savannah

miércoles, febrero 24th, 2010

The thrills of contact with wildlife in a safari through the natural reserve parks in South Africa are ideal to meet this country in terms of their nature. We have to account for this route, go to parks, what they wear, among other details that we can be very useful to reach South Africa. Well let’s start detailing the African route. (más…)

Morocco practical information

viernes, diciembre 18th, 2009

Moroccan Cuisine
Morocco is one of the most requested by those who live in Southern Spain, especially when it comes to short breaks of 4 or 5 days. Cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat and Chefchaouen have a special charm, and only the fact of immersing yourself in a culture so different, it is also so close to us, is something that draws much attention. Not to mention the possibility of losing their labyrinthine bazaars for shopping and bargaining power for what you want. (más…)

Cairo and the Nile

miércoles, diciembre 2nd, 2009

Sphinx´s  enigma por MarceloRuiz.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, considered the largest city in Africa and is the most populous on the African continent, is also known as «The Mother of All Cities» or the city of a thousand minarets, the name you know the Mosques Towers, located on the shores and islands of the Nile River delta south of the same name.
Cairo is one of the cities you can travel for cultural tourism, is the place where you can enjoy an extraordinary journey in time through different stages of its history is an open museum where they mix old and modern, cosmopolitan city cradle of civilizations. (más…)

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