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Denmark: exploring the island of Bornholm

miércoles, junio 15th, 2011

Bornholm is a real curiosity of the Baltic Sea, with mysterious round church, warm microclimate and stunning beaches.

Photography by sludgegulper

A few years ago it was said that if everyone in the world will stand shoulder to shoulder, cover an area equal to the island of Bornholm. Today, population growth, some should ankles wet in the waters off the coast, or borrow the neighbor island Christiansen. Still, its inhabitants are still repeating the same curious about this place lost in the heart of the Baltic Sea. (más…)

We are still in Amsterdam

lunes, abril 25th, 2011

What to see in Amsterdam? – Part III

We are still in Amsterdam and although we have seen a lot of things we still here to stay. In Part 1 we had what to see in Amsterdam and its surroundings. In Part 2 you could read what some of the most interesting museums and churches of the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam and its surroundings

Photography by roger4336

After the Reformation, Amsterdam became a Protestant city in which public Catholic worship was forbidden. This encouraged the craftiness of the Catholics who continued to practice in underground churches. (más…)

Cities Croatia Travel Destinations

domingo, abril 17th, 2011

Croatia is one of those fascinating destinations that many would like to know in Europe, we must know that fate choice and for this we introduce the most important cities to visit in this European country.

Cities Croatia Travel Destinations

Photography by Michael Cavén


To access the city first must get to the airport of Dubrovnik. If you’re staying in the center, it is very easy to make the journey by bus. Of course it is cheaper than the taxi and leaves you at the door of access to the old city. The ideal is to stay near the center, because from there it is about 5 minutes away on foot. (más…)

Knowing Helsinki

miércoles, abril 13th, 2011

Knowing Helsinki – Part 1

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, a state that gained independence from Russia relatively recently, in 1917. The memory he left the Russian occupation was not very good and Finland fought a couple of times against the Soviet Union during World War II. The metropolitan area includes several neighboring towns, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen, to raise more than a million inhabitants. Helsinki was founded in the sixteenth century by King Gustav I of Sweden and the Swedish influence still survives as the street names are in Finnish and Swedish. Well, here I have been cheating since Finland was part of Sweden for 700 years and they are the official languages of the State.


Photography by Eoghan OLionnain

The first years of the city were poverty and disease. (más…)

Toulouse travel to Barcelona by train

martes, abril 12th, 2011

To get from Toulouse to Barcelona by train. Transfer must be made train travel time is about five hours and although the journey is not particularly difficult, we must take into account a number of issues not to take the odd nasty surprise.

Toulouse travel to Barcelona

Photography by ell brown

Toulouse – Matabiau:

The Toulouse train station Matabiau is relatively central location and is just after crossing the Canal du Midi which surrounds the old town of Toulouse, northeast of the city. Matabiau train station is a very cute and very large, so it should come up with a good margin of time because we have clarified with information panels, and rail timetables. (más…)

Arles a treasure in Provence

jueves, marzo 24th, 2011

Arles is a small and quiet city in southern France, located in the heart of Provence. Founded in the sixth century BCE by the Greeks, therefore has more than 2500 years of history, but it was during the Roman Empire when Arelate assumed the status of really important city, becoming capital of the province Gallia Narbonensis. And although few centuries have passed since he lost that status, Arles still shows part of the power that treasured by then, and remains the capital of the vast region of the Camargue.


Photograph by Wolfgang Staudt

Roman ruins in Arles:

Arelate Roman city was completely encircled by walls and consisted of an area of99 acres and had several architectural monuments like the amphitheater, triumphal arch, the circus and the Roman theater. You can also visit the remains of the baths of Constantine III. In antiquity Arles was located closer to the sea and served as a major port in the Mediterranean. Many of these Roman remains have survived to this day. (más…)

Discover Graz in Austria

jueves, enero 13th, 2011

Discover Graz in Austria

Graz, meaning small castle, is Austria’s second city (capital of the province of Styria), has one of the best preserved old towns in central Europe in 1999 declared a World Heritage Site. But Graz suffered through an interesting metamorphosis to be the representative of the City of European Culture 2003. In addition Graz has 6 universities and more than 44mil students, which makes this small town in a typical college town.


Photography by Trodel

The town on the River Mur sits just 200 km from the capital, Vienna. With its origins in prehistory, it is not until the twelfth century which first appeared in written documents. In the fourteenth century was inhabited by the dynasty of the Hausburgo (Austria). (más…)

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