The Jules Undersea Lodge and other hotels ends

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The Jules Undersea Lodge and other hotels ends

Tourism worldwide is growing steadily, so that today is increasingly looking for hotel owners to innovate in every way imaginable so you can stay competitive in a market as aggressive as it is today. One of the possibilities that have begun to proliferate, are the development of hotel development ends, such as those discussed below:

Jules Undersea Lodge, the underwater hotel
The Jules Undersea Lodge is a small underwater hotel located in Key Largo, Florida, and the same is characterized by several meters below sea level, submerged in the waters of Key Largo.

The hotel formerly operated as a research center of marine life, but it was rebuilt, almost entirely, to function as a real hotel.

The Jules Undersea Lodge has capacity for 6 guests and the entrance to it, you can only do diving. This hotel is equipped with side air-conditioning, DVD, refrigerator, telephone, television, music center and a huge window from which you can see the wonderful marine life of the place.

Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Canada, otherwise known as the «Ice Hotel» is a huge hotel that operates only during the coldest months of the year because it is completely built with solid ice.

This very special hotel, as well as your walls, floors, ceilings, etc… Are of ice, inside it has all the furniture, like any luxury hotel, also built with ice.

Note that every winter, for the construction of this hotel, meet hundreds and hundreds of workers, architects and engineers to design and build, because every year the Ice Hotel appears with a new design, and when they reach the months hot, the entire hotel melts completely.

The Ice Hotel is a hotel on the grounds that the temperatures inside the same reach at 5 degrees below zero.

Emirates Palace, the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the world
The Emirates Palace, a huge and spectacular hotel located in the UAE, most notably in Abu Dhabi, and the same goes for our hotel list ends because it is the most expensive hotel in the world.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Photography by octal

Of course everything is within the Emirates Palace is luxurious as one can imagine. A clear example is the fittings of the bathrooms in all rooms, which were built in gold and decorated with fine details in bright.

The construction of this wonderful 7-star hotel cost more than 3,400 million dollars.

The Grand Hotel Kromme Raak in Holland, the world’s smallest hotel
The Grand Hotel Kromme Raak is located in the town of Eenrum, Netherlands, and the same is characterized in that, although his name appears in the term «Grand» is the smallest hotel in the world.

This hotel has only one tiny room dimensions and the same work in what was once a small grocery store.

Despite the small size of this nice hotel and the limitations that it has in luxury and comfort, compared to other hotels in Holland, staying in the same major stars of world renown since 1989, the year in which the Minimum hotel was inaugurated.

Take your stay in comfort!

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