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Great coffee places in the world

domingo, septiembre 18th, 2011

Great coffee places in the world – Part II

While we continue with this second part, take note of reference of these coffees in the world.

Great coffee places in the world

Fotografía por roger4336

Frauenhuber Coffee – Vienna

The black gold, as it is called coffee, came from the East. By breaking the second Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683 and discover the convenience of European import the product come a succession of places to take socially. Since then emerged the locals for coffee, the Kaffeehaus, as one of the most copied Austria institutions in the world. (más…)

Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona

lunes, marzo 28th, 2011

The flag of Germany for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, was designed by Mies van der Rohe and is a work that all architects and critics have regarded as the paradigm of modern architecture.

Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona

Photography by BocaDorada

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was born in Germany in the city of Aachen, 25 April 1886. He was the son of a Catholic family.

German Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona: (más…)

How to bargain in China

jueves, enero 27th, 2011

If the last post to haggle in Morocco said that in this North African country haggling is an art in China haggling is a sport and if you are a foreigner, a need to not charge you sometimes 10 times the value a product.

How to bargain in China

Photography by James Trosh

Haggling in China:

As in the other posts of haggling, the important thing is that the products you carry, buy them at prices that seem reasonable and above all that you a good time for the game of bargaining. Here are some tips to bargain in China:

In China, although they want to buy, the seller will prompt you to buy the product and start racing. (más…)

Scottish Whisky Trail

domingo, diciembre 12th, 2010

They say that whiskey was invented by Irish monks, and that going to evangelize Scotland took his recipe from the water of life there. And it was the Scots who were able to get more out of whiskey and create an entire industry that today is one of the largest producers of whiskey in the world.

Scottish Whisky Trail

Photography by Londo Mollari

Whiskey is now recognized as one of the representative products of the Scottish nation. No trip to Scotland can forget a visit to a whiskey distillery in operation. In the Highlands, to the lowlands (Lowlands), or in the more remote islands, are the beautiful places distilleries that offer original charm visitors. (más…)

Know and a Monastir Travel

viernes, julio 2nd, 2010

In the heart of the Mediterranean to Europe two steps, there is a fantastic place called Monastir, an oasis with vast white sand beaches sea, turquoise blue color of sky, a city that keeps all the essence of Tunisian Arabic, with an adaptation but a new time and the bulk of tourists who come each year to this oasis of dreams.

Tunez - Monastir

Photography by Torpe

Located in northeastern Tunisia, Monastir is one of the main tourist areas. His appeal to the marina and old fishing port, is the basis to go to with a beach, a place that offers a broad range of physical activities and aquatic sports, fishing, hiking and even golf courses there. (más…)

Budget for travel to Australia

lunes, junio 21st, 2010

Before coming to Australia, the traveler must know some important details, we are talking about budget travel, the exchange rate, accommodation, low cost places to visit etc. To this day we have brought an article related to it, which we announce next.

Sydney Harbour, Australia

Photography by kevgibbo

Australia is a somewhat more expensive than Spain. To compare Australia to another country, we forget to make comparisons with Southeast Asia, South America, etc.. It is clearly in the category of Western countries and, indeed, this list pulling occupies an intermediate to high. Without going to extremes such as Switzerland or the Nordic countries, or the slightly more expensive than countries like the U.S., Spain or Italy. (más…)

Rural Tourism: Using the Map and Compass

sábado, enero 2nd, 2010

The Map:
The map is a basic and indispensable tool in the guidance. A map is a symbolic representation of the landforms of the land to a reduced size, since in a simple sheet of paper on which are represented in the forms of the landscape that is before us.

The basic reading of the maps is very simple, and with some minimal knowledge can decipher all the information of the map to orient in the environment. (más…)

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