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Travel to Belem – Brazil

sábado, marzo 24th, 2012

The northern city is the biggest fair in Latin America since 1688. Religious, hot and wild, open to tourism in the Amazon River delta.

Travel to Belem - Brazil

Photography by Nao Iizuka

Aspects of place:

The streets of Belem form tunnels of mango trees and breathe the scent of jungle. High humidity and heat characterize the state capital of Pará, northeastern Brazil, a city that knew greatness when the rubber boom in the late nineteenth century, became an elementary production center for the world and the most important Amazon, along with the city of Iquitos, Peru. (más…)

Bogotá World Class Capital

viernes, febrero 10th, 2012

In Bogota, Colombia’s capital city, located at 2,600 meters above sea level living, breathing culture. In this city founded in 1538, past and present blend to offer residents and tourists the most diverse artistic expressions.


Photography by Andreuchis

These range from exhibitions in different museums, theater, dance, music and street art to the most splendid cuisine. Since ancient times, the city has been characterized by enjoy a rich cultural context, the product of the convergence of all contemporary cultures and ancestral country. As a result of this wealth, Bogotá is also a present full of life, represented an ancient past in architecture, construction and historic elements that lie in museums in the capital. (más…)

Rotterdam, a very modern city

sábado, diciembre 31st, 2011

In this installment I’ll talk about Rotterdam, a city that suffered as few consequences of the Second World War and in later years has reinvented itself as a modern metropolis full of life.


Photography by

A little history:

Rotterdam was born in the Middle Ages as a settlement on the banks of the River Rotte. The dam which raised its inhabitants gave the town its name (Rotte, the river, which means Dam Dam). His recognition came in 1328 with the granting of «rights of town.» During the Eighty Years War, which pitted the Netherlands to Spain, Rotterdam was key because it allowed the supply of goods during the time that the ports of Amsterdam and Antwerp were blocked. (más…)

Experience the Magic of Villa Santiago Mexico

sábado, diciembre 17th, 2011

Villa of Santiago, is a municipality located in the heart of Nuevo Leon, Mexico has become a major tourist destination due to its many attractions.

Aspects of the city:

Santiago, has a romantic side, sprinkled with exquisite colonial architecture and is full of places where tourists can feel the adrenaline pumping multiple sports. It is a people over time and despite modernity, has managed to preserve value and protect historical and cultural heritage.

Experience the Magic of Villa Santiago

Photography by rutlo

History of Villa Santiago: (más…)

Arequipa: The White City

martes, diciembre 6th, 2011

The name comes from the Quechua Arequipa Ari-quepay, «Yes, stay», words which, according to legend, the Incan Emperor gave permission to his soldiers to establish a colony on the site.


Photography by wallygrom

The «white city», so named because its historic buildings are built with volcanic stones, a very white stone, is the capital of southern Peru. Its colonial buildings sparkling in the upper valley of the River Chili, are dominated by the perfect cone, threatening at times, the volcano Misti.
The department of Arequipa has an area of 63.528km2 and is situated between southern Peru, between the Pacific Ocean and the continental watershed, represented by the peaks of the Cordillera Occidental. It limits the north with the departments of Ica, Ayacucho, Apurimac and Cuzco. To the east with Puno and Moquegua, and south and west by the Pacific Ocean. (más…)

Tips for tourists in Bucharest

sábado, noviembre 19th, 2011

A few days ago we made a weekend getaway to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and as good guests we blended into the environment. But the camera to his chest betrayed us all the time. This article, far from being a comprehensive guide aims to give some advice.

Tips for tourists in Bucharest

Photography by garycycles7

Arrival in Bucharest:

When we got to the airport (and also in the city) we will find plenty of taxis available. Beware! (más…)

Basic tips for your sightseeing tour in Berlin

miércoles, noviembre 9th, 2011

Berlin has recently become one of Europe’s most visited cities by the Spanish. Moreover, it is an ideal destination for a trip taking advantage of a bridge, and the capital of Germany will find many and varied attractions.

Trip to Berlin

Photography by líquen

If you are preparing your first trip to Berlin, will be useful these basic tips for your sightseeing tour, which will allow you to get a first glimpse of what you’ll encounter. These tips you present on your trip to Berlin: (más…)

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