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10 tips for home exchange for your holiday trip

domingo, noviembre 13th, 2011

They may not know that the exchange is an increasingly popular formula to tackling a holiday trip.

I have not personally done any home exchange, but a friend to come by regularly, not just for summer vacation trips, but for weekends and other festive times of the year.

holiday trip

Photography by Olivier Bruchez

As a summary of their experiences, then I’ll give you 10 tips to ask yourself when home exchange for your vacation travel. (más…)

Dubrovnik the pearl of Croatia

martes, febrero 1st, 2011

Dubrovnik also known as the pearl of the Adriatic Venice is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in Croatia and the Dalmatian coast. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1979 has a spectacular over the sea wall that protects the Old Town.

Dubrovnik is the pearl of Croatia


Photography by Michael Cavén

A little history:

Dubrovnik a city that was founded in the seventh century, had in the fifteenth and sixteenth century splendor competing with Venice as the first port on the Adriatic. Although during the war in Yugoslavia suffered heavy attacks, the city is completely rebuilt and is once again the city with more tourists from the Adriatic. (más…)

Amazing places in Istanbul

viernes, enero 14th, 2011

Amazing places in Istanbul

Surrounded by seven hills, hence its nickname «the new Rome» and inhabited by 13 million people, Istanbul is a living relic of the Christian-Muslim heritage, to the very gates of Europe and Asia.


Photography by jefield

Istanbul seduces all who visit, not quite sure if this enchantment is to be attributed to their profile of hundreds of minarets, the aroma of spices or cultural crossroads appointments are at street level, the fact is that the capital Turkey is not indifferent to its visitors. (más…)

Schoenbrunn Palace

viernes, diciembre 10th, 2010

Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schonbrunn) and its large park extends to the end of the Wienzeile, southwest of Vienna. Former residence of the Habsburgs, stands majestically in an area where previously erected three castles, which were devastated in two fires and sieges of Vienna, the last in 1683.

Schoenbrunn Palace

Photography by Ivan C

The beautiful fountain:

Emperor Matthias II after 1612 resided in the castle that his brother Rudolf II ordered its reconstruction in 1605, after a raid in Hungary. During a hunt, Matthias II found in the woods a beautiful fountain (Schoner Brunnen) that eventually gave its name to the place: Schönbrunn. But the fashion of the palace for the imperial family actually began with Eleanor of Gonzaga, wife of Ferdinand II (1619-1637). Italian princess castle expanded and renovated the garden to make it his summer residence, where he gave lavish parties. (más…)

The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

sábado, noviembre 27th, 2010

The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

Canada was founded by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534, and has its origin in a French colony was established in a settlement on the banks of the St. Lawrence, eastern Hudson Bay, this settlement is the Quebec of today.


Photography by alana’s

This and other French colonies, gave rise to Montreal, took hold and flourished to enter in direct competition with the neighboring English and Dutch colonies, for natural resources and the domain of trade. The conflict was served, and after years of war (The Seven Years War) that between 1756-1763, the British defeated the French at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, taking away all their possessions in Canada. (más…)

Infinite slopes for skiing in the Alps

lunes, noviembre 15th, 2010

Infinite slopes for skiing in the Alps

The Alps are a paradise of snow for skiers insatiable. The tracks are not just on the horizon and we lose if we are not provided with a map.

The Alps are a paradise of snow for skiers

Photography by Arlyn Asch

The offer is so great that we focus on the French Alps, where dozens of resorts, so we will highlight some of the most recommended and if they can add others in the comments section.

Alpe d’Huez:

His name was made famous by the Tour de France on this peak and ski resort is held one of the hardest stages of the French cycling competition. (más…)

Christmas markets in Prague

jueves, noviembre 4th, 2010

Christmas begins to wake up in Prague in late November with the installation of traditional and cozy Christmas markets, where one breathes the proximity of the parties in the street and often a few degrees below zero.

Christmas markets in Prague

Photography by priittammets

The cold is not an impediment to the Czech Republic garnish their inhabitants flooding the streets to participate in a recently restored old tradition. It was after 2006 that the two great Christmas markets of Prague again became a tradition. The Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square hosts the largest number of jobs and develop during this time in centers of activity and entertainment in the city. (más…)

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