Bruges the most tourist cities

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Bruges is one of the most tourist cities of Belgium and with good reason. While walking through Bruges one could move to the Middle Ages without much difficulty, if not for groups of visitors that pass back and forth in nationalities, colors and languages.

Walking Bruges

Photography by mararie

Bruges is a small town. We can reached by road, train or bus. Is very close to the North Sea, so it’s interesting approach to coastal communities and discovers the Belgian seaside resorts, such as totally opposed to the mass of cement buildings and the Mediterranean. The climate is perhaps one of the main causes of the Belgian coast has been preserved with some criterion, leaving rows and rows of dunes are constantly moving in front of the beach and more distant low buildings (except in a few urban core ), just three floors the highest, and most one-storey houses.

In Bruges, the old districts of the city extending from the two central squares, Markt and Burg. The greatest is Markt, occupies a large space and one of its side rises an octagonal bell tower of the thirteenth century, when the city was at the height of his wealth. If we reach the street Breidelstraat Burg. On one side are some of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the Basilica of Holy Blood is, as the name makes us think, one of the most revered relics by the faithful, the blood of Christ.

Bruges, perhaps one of the charms that complements the monumental buildings are the canals. Following one of them we come to the Groeninge Museum. It has one of the collections of Flemish art world’s most incredible: Jan Van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch, Hans Memling, Bruegel, Paul Delvaux…

Another of the museums is the Museum Gruuthuse, although much less interesting than the painting, has some interesting objects such as tapestries XVI and XVII century, antique lace or musical instruments from the era of splendor flamenco.


Photography by Zooey_

In Belgium, the food is not one of the main attractions, but Bruges is situated near the sea and is perhaps one of the major Belgian cities where more fish is consumed. Although visitors will not see offered traditional «moules et frites (mussels with fries feet), the signature dish of Flemish cuisine, you can also taste some of their dishes and salads, such as» salade Liège «, with beans and potatoes or «salade wallonia» that is served warm and has chips and bacon bits.

Undoubtedly, the Belgian beer attracts more adherents than its cuisine, so you can not miss an abbey beer to accompany your meal. In most bars serve up to 20 different types. Beware! The grading of Belgian beers is high.

Do not forget the chocolate, Bruges is a city of art and chocolate shops especialidazadas can taste authentic delicacies.

Bruges is a city of art and chocolate

Photography by Steve Parker

In the fourteenth century Bruges share the real control panels market with Ghent and Ypres, turning in excellent English wool drapery that exported goods around the world then known. But in the late fifteenth century began to wane, its brightness faded away with the loss of the shipping market. Zwin River was filled with sand and began to not be passable for boats.

In Bruges, gray climate and atmosphere of melancholy also form part of its charm today!

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