The neighborhood of Buenos Aires

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If anything characterizes the city of Buenos Aires, its neighborhoods, its native characters, music and culture, is nostalgia. A Buenos Aires neighborhood that has inspired not only nostalgia, but valuable experiences and stories, is La Boca, the site where the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Mendoza, in 1536, he founded the first Buenos Aires. A fact that unwittingly became the Boca, quintessential neighborhood memories.

Panoramica Buenos Aires

Photography by Diego_3336

His formal geographical location is defined by the following streets: Avenida Patricios Regiment, Avenida Martín García, Avenida Paseo Colón, Avenida Brasil and Costanera Sur.

Formerly called La Boca del Riachuelo, the area remained empty for several years until he was gathering in the surrounding European immigrants who worked on ships, in salting meat or tanning hides.

With the passage of time and according to their needs, the inhabitants of La Boca were building their houses with what was at hand: wood, metal and paint left over, which explains the diversity of colors in the neighborhood, striking feature for tourists who know him.

Such constructions called «Conventillos» not only about 5 families housed inside, but at night, became art director of the plays run by the Ukrainian producer Madanes Cecilio, who several years later founded the Caminito Theatre.


Caminito is one of the reasons that several tourists visit La Boca is a passage where the first paraded Riachuelo (Rio Matanza de Buenos Aires), then the train and now they do paintings of prominent artists and couples dancing the Tango (music of origin River Plate).

Caminito is a sort of outdoor museum which opened in 1959, thanks to the cooperation of its neighbors, including Quinquela is Martin, a talented painter whose work depicts mainly Argentina living in the ports.

The Tango of Buenos Aires

Photography by Peter Shanks

Such is the bond between the barrio La Boca and art, that in 1926, Juan de Dios Filiberto and Gabino Coria Peñaloza, wrote the famous tango «Caminito», which gave birth and name to the famous passage.

Another attraction of the neighborhood, made up of two bridges (old and new), historic structures on which you can see the landscape from a different perspective.

Near the area is the Port of Buenos Aires, an important place of loading and unloading of goods, although built on highly contaminated waters.

La Boca is the neighborhood that all tourists go to take a photo and said that is the question that betrays the tourist in Buenos Aires: How to do to get to La Boca. There are several hotels in Buenos Aires that are precisely in this neighborhood, and that is one reason that these hotels are specially selected.

As an emblem of La Boca is Boca Juniors Stadium, also called «La Bombonera», a space belonging to the soccer club Boca Juniors. According to testimony from historians, the colors of the shirt of the football team, were born when its founders spotted a Swedish ship in the harbor, with the corresponding national flag (blue and yellow) waving.

Boca Juniors Stadium

Photography by Peter Shanks

Turning to the food item, two of the traditional places in the neighborhood and safety pins are the Banchero Pizzeria, founded in 1932 by Agustín Banchero frequented by greats like Luis Sandrini Argentine humor and Tita Merello (Almirante Brown 1200) and Bar La Perla, founded in 1885 and visited by celebrities like actress María Concepción César and the model Claudia Schiffer (Avenida Don Pedro de Mendoza 1899).

So the neighborhood of La Boca, raises his front along the Riachuelo, full of colorful prints and sad at the dawn of Buenos Aires.

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