Caracas: Experience the best of the city in three days

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Discover the city that spawned the liberator of Venezuela can not escape the charm of the seasoned traveler. If you have little time to plan a trip is as complete as possible and set objectives to visit: Monuments, buildings, museums or green areas of interest. With wit and readiness, success is guaranteed Caracas boasts of its heritage, while the stay is only just three days.

Catedral to Caracas

Photography by valenruizl

Located in a cool valley at the foot of the Avila, a mountain 2,600 meters high, is right from the epicenter where the tourist to begin their journey through the Venezuelan capital, if not suffering from altitude sickness, until you reach the Hotel Humboldt, accessed by cable car. This is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. From here, over two thousand meters above sea level, who landed in this city can enjoy a beautiful view.

Upon arrival at the center of Caracas, the traveler, to avoid wasting time, should continue its tour around the historic center, where you can admire the main monuments:

• Caracas Cathedral
• Church of San Francisco
• The Basilica of Santa Teresa
• La Casa Natal de Simón Bolívar
• The Mayor’s Office
• La Casa Amarilla
• The National Theatre
• The Pantheon and
• La Quinta Anauco

Caracas: Experience the best of the city in three days

Photography by Peter Shanks

The inner courtyard of the Council, which has a fountain in the center called the lions and reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada, contains maps and old photographs of the city, plus a charming chapel, winding wooden staircases and some beautiful stained glass windows.

Also in the old city was erected other buildings emblematic of the modern Caracas: the Torres del Centro Simón Bolívar, Towers of Central Park or the spectacular Ciudad Universitaria, which deserves a separate chapter. Considered as a World Heritage Site, this colossal work houses the main campus of the Universidad Central de Venezuela on a larger surface area to 200 hectares.

To continue with the itinerary and move quickly, nothing better to travel by metro, which covers almost the entire city, or bus. Both transports are cheap. But we must be careful when visiting the city: A Caracas is considered the second most dangerous city in the world behind Ciudad Juárez (Mexico).

Among its galleries and museums, all free, excel Contemporary Art, one of the most important of the continent by the level of their collections. Also there for the little ones. But does not detract from visiting many others, as the Fine Arts, the Sciences, the National Art Gallery, the Athenaeum and the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex.

The huge newly built shopping centers stand to draw attention of tourists. Some of them are the Sambil, San Ignacio, Recreation, Cheeseburger, the Unicentro or the City Market. Along with the vast ecological Cerro del Avila, which involves the whole city, Caracas also has other green lungs: the Parque del Este Rómulo Betancourt, the Caricuao Zoo, Los Caobos, the Los Chorros or the Botanical Gardens .

There is also time for other leisure activities. The area of Sabana Grande, for example, is, next to Las Mercedes, El Rosal, a haven of restaurants, cafes, boulevards, the best time for shopping during the day and the attractiveness of its nightlife when the sun goes down. With respect to housing, the city has a wide and diverse range of hotels fit all budgets, the luxury is more affordable, centrally located in the suburbs and well communicated.

Caracas Cathedral

Photography by Peter Shanks

Enjoy caracas!

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