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Take the pleasure of entering the wonders of nature, is better than artificial creations. Today we invite you to the fascinating Valley of the Yungas in South America, a stretch of five miles we found in the Republic of Bolivia where we enjoy a semi tropical climate, with good vegetation, canyons, rivers and waterfalls.

Corner of death on the Yungas Road

Photography by jimmyharris

Its soils range between 1,500 and 2,500 meters above sea level. The favorable season to visit is from December to February. Their lands have sown coffee, sugar cane, citrus, mango and coca.

View of Unduavi Valley

Photography by jimmyharris

The Yungas is adjacent to the city of La Paz, capital of the country, allowing for interesting tour to the valley using car for what used about 3 hours away. For the North Yungas sector starts from Villa Fatima along the paved road until Cotapata, opening there are two routes called the «new road» and «death road», the latter named for its cliffs, curves and accidents occur therein.

To reach South Yungas is a detour before Cotapata following a dirt path but with the advantage that is wider than going to North Yungas. In itself provide two-way scenes to be captured in photos and video. In summary, the trip is watching the snowy passes of the Cordillera Real and the beak Las Tres Cruces, a hot zone, river, vegetation and prelude to the Bolivian Amazon.

View down Yungas valley

Photography by jimmyharris

There is also the alternative bus transport companies Total and Yungas, with departures from 8:00 a.m. It is recommended to the cities of the valley as Coroico, Chulumani or Caranavi, as they have an interesting choice in hotels that do not exceed $ 40, and some include tours of the area and food service.

Yungas is the ideal location for photography, camping, and ecotourism in Yanacachi and Chulumani. You can see snakes, parrots, vultures in a habitat where there are waterfalls, tunnels and slopes. It is also ideal for mountain biking and rafting in inflatable boats on the River Coroico, excellent rapids.

Enter the Valley of Los Yungas and share some time with the Aymara ethnic group, people friendly and hospitable.

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