Coffee, a reason to travel to Colombia

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Many foreigners who have visited Colombia, the association with coffee, thanks to advocacy work in the world for many decades has made Juan Valdez and his mule Conchita Colombian creativity has soared to present the world’s coffee different ways and cause a whole culture and a way to publicize Colombia.

The Colombian coffee

Photography by CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

Coffee farms of the Coffee:

So the grain-producing farms in the Coffee, a region comprising the departments of Quindio, Caldas and Risaralda, with its traditional architecture, currently serving and hosting environment for visitors to learn all about the work agricultural and grain processing.

In the coffee farms, counted by hundreds, coffee has been a key driver in economic development and strong reasons for the traveler went into the mountains and meet a range of tourism options through which you make the most of the benefits of coffee landscape. In this vein, reaching that area of the country is to find a dense landscape of coffee, surrounded by good people, rivers, forests, picturesque villages and scenery suitable for walking and adventure sports like rafting, canopy and horseback riding, and more. Coffee in the Triangle, in every corner and at all times is a tribute to this fruit.

Coffee a reason to travel to Colombia

Photography by Mario Carvajal


One example may be the National Coffee Park, a clever play with rides and architectural means that many of the reasons why coffee is so important for Colombians. The park is a summary physical, natural and historic coffee culture, but there is growing interest in finding out the mountain villages and all the attractions that surround, including Salento and Filandia. In the same region of Quindio Panaca is located, a theme park where the animals are the stars and the mountains everyday coffee the main attraction.


In the department of Caldas, along with the colors and courtesy coffee towns as Chinchiná and Salamis, harmony is seen in the architecture of the city of Manizales, its cathedral, the historical and international significance of events like the Theatre Festival and Fair of Manizales. Close by is the Nevado del Ruiz, the most important and most easily accessible of the peaks that make up the Los Nevados National Park.


In the third of the three departments of the Coffee, Risaralda, the abundance of fruit on the coffee farms is complemented by urban development and diversity of the zoo in the city of Pereira, the benefits of the thermal waters of Santa Rosa de Cabal The colonial architecture of Marseille and countless wealth of fauna and flora that is found in natural reserves and Laguna Ucumarí Otún.

Coffee in other regions of Colombia:

In addition to the Coffee, in many parts of the country excellent coffee is grown: in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Giant Mountains and San Agustin in Huila department, and even in the Eastern Plains. Arguments for and, indeed, every day will come again to say that coffee is one of the objectives of travel to Colombia. Colombian ingenuity knows no bounds, as the good news that soon the national cyclists, the famous «Beetle», roll on the roads of the world, bringing back into his chest and his back just this name: Café de Colombia.

In addition to the Coffee

Photography by eddy_

Enjoy the Colombian coffee!

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    yes, i agree with you. (Coffee, a reason to travel to Colombia) coffee is very testy drink in world. i like it more

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