Tours of the coastal areas of Puerto Rico

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Tours of the coastal areas of Puerto Rico

All during the day is a beautiful colonial landscape is transformed by night into a paradise of pubs, restaurants and places to hangar (out on the town). A walk through Old San Juan, but this time under the moon, could start at the Nuyorican Café in Chapel Alley, where you can listen and dance to salsa, with an interesting mix of very experimental electronic music.

the coastal areas of Puerto Rico

Photography by william.neuheisel

If the program is to take a Roncito or Rummy to heat engines, with a dessert for the occasion, the safety pins are bars on Calle San Sebastian are Nonos favorite bars (with pool), The Tortoise and the lamp. Dragonfly Maridan sweetish drinks very well (who would have said) with an unexpected fusion of Asian and Puerto Rican food. And very near there, in the Toro room, the tapas are wonderful. You have to have something clear: in San Juan will always be someone willing to fill our glasses of rum.

The first Tuesday of each month are performed Gallery Nights, and cultural centers are open until dawn, to accompany the hangar with a little history. Incidentally, the piña colada also gets it, especially if the baby in the courtyard of Loquat, Hotel El Convento, on Calle del Cristo.


The beaches in Puerto Rico are very welcoming and an example of this may be the Playa Flamenco, but there really is a beach for every day of the year. White sands, turquoise waters and warm glow at night. These are the best places to relax in the sun on the Caribbean island

Puerto Ricans are proud to have beaches where, unlike other destinations such as Dominican Republic, tourists are not prisoners of a resort. The island has good roads and safe in its entirety, you can travel from east to west in less than three hours, and from north to south in an hour and a half, allowing you to explore freely, without being tied to the bracelet hotel or massive military excursions.

Some say that the best beaches in Puerto Rico are in the east, where the Caribbean is displayed at its best, with calm turquoise waters, fringed by coral. The islands of Culebra and Vieques are two of the best kept secrets of this warm paradise, which is accessed by boat from the port of Fajardo or a plane that takes 20 minutes from San Juan. Many tourist guides say that in this cross millimeter coordinates, are the coasts, the bays and cays most beautiful planet. Playa Flamenco, Culebra is a synthesis of Eden we were taught to children, with a crystalline sea printed between the blue sky and green hills, where, from Monday to Friday, is not a soul. If Vieques is a little more developed commercially, Culebra is definitely a touch Bohemian. «It’s the hippie beach of Puerto Rico,» they say.

Puerto Rico

Photography by Yinghai

The truth is that despite the increasing development of Vieques hotel sands are also secluded and peaceful, with the Sun Bay beach as a logo, where the most regular visitors are a bunch of wild horses without complex looming over the edge. In Vieques, home of the giant El Yunque rain forest (nominated to be one of the new seven wonders), one of the biggest attractions is the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Mosquito, is one of the few in the world, whose main feature is that shines at night as if it were on fire. The scientific explanation is that in each liter of water of this bay there are 190,000 single-celled organisms phosphorescent glow when the waves. It is a wonderful experience slip through these waters when the sun goes down, because the bodies glisten in the sea.

Accommodation on the island of Vieques and outdoor activities:

On the island of Vieques has recently landed the first W brand hotel in the Sheraton, the only of its kind in the Caribbean, with an investment of 150 million dollars. This is the online boutique chain and night costs from $ 300, although the island also has other options for overnight lodgings for under $ 100.

Tours of the coastal areas of Puerto Rico

Photography by intimaralem85

Also in the east are fabulous beaches adjacent to Fajardo, known as the metropolis of the East. There is the beach Palomino, the Hotel Conquistador, and can access the ICAN and Diablo Keys, among others. The site is ideal for walking to sailing, snorkeling and diving. Fajardo is also a luminescent lagoon, unmissable night.

In our journey through the coastal areas of Puerto Rico, we should add other related topics and to complement that we are not left out.

the coastal of Puerto Rico

Photography by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

Other points to be discussed in our tours are:

Diving and surfing:

Puerto Rico is, for divers, a Mecca to which all want to go sometime. While it is true that the underwater visibility is excellent in virtually the entire island, west and south of the country offer locations that deserve special mention: for example, in the Porta del Sol (West), with its magnificent coral coral and underwater jewels that surround Desecheo, an uninhabited island which has 24 places for diving in a rocky bottom, with a visibility of 30 meters. Or in the South, where the attractions are the National Estuary Reserve Bay Jobos and Caja de Muertos Island off the coast of Ponce, which allows an adventure-style treasure hunt, with coral and marine life Colorful and dazzling. All those films and documentaries that you saw people swimming with millions of colorful fish come true to put on the snorkel and look down. A parallel world is opened in each of the cracks in these corals. From an Borges, one might guess that this sea summarizes each and every one of the world’s seas, in times past and future history.

But the ultimate for lovers of diving is probably the wall of La Parguera, on the southwest coast. Located in the village of La Parguera, this is an authentic 40-foot wall which descends vertically to the seabed. Those who know the area can identify about 30 points in this barrier, and Black Wall, Hole in the Wall, Efrain’s Wall, and Fallen Rock, with its unique coral gardens.

Small restaurant guide:

Puerto Rican cuisine has reached the position as the most sophisticated and original Caribbean. This is the top five of the best restaurants in San Juan.

Puerto Rican cuisine

Photography by tedmurphy

Define the Puerto Rican food is not easy. Influenced by European and African migrations, as well as the original Taino Indians and, more recently, the U.S., Puerto Rican Food offers unthinkable mergers.

In San Juan is amazing offer first class restaurants, with the typical Creole cuisine, but also Asian, French, Spanish and Italian. The following are the five best places to eat in the city of San Juan:

1. Pikayo: Chef Wilo Benet is known as an ambassador of Puerto Rican cuisine by mixing techniques and Creole cuisine with modern innovations, both in taste and presentation of the dishes. The man is truly an artist. If you visit Pikayo can not fail to try the tuna pegao with a chipotle sauce.

2. La Casita Blanca: This restaurant, Santurce icon (one of the municipalities of San Juan), pure cuisine in the neighborhood, without tricks or mergers. Tucked away from the hotel zone is one of the favorite places sanjuaneros, filling the small room to try dishes like pork pastelon and ducklings. Sunday lunch is legendary status.

3. Delirium: here is the set looks chef Alfredo Ayala, a student of Joël Robuchon. Delirium has an intimate space in an old house in the neighborhood of Miramar. The kitchen is modern and minimalist, and the romantic and sensual, with gothic touches.

4. Budatai: is the headquarters of chef Roberto Trevino, a star who has appeared in specialized programs such as The Next Iron Chef and international magazines such as Bon Appetit item. In Budatai, Treviño develops a delicious fusion of Asian and Caribbean cuisine with global accents. We recommend the steak with ho fun and roasted duck blinis with wasabi and fresh cream.

5. Jellyfish: the four restaurants of the group Oof! (Dragonfly, Aguaviva, Parrot Club and Toro Salao) are highly recommended, but the menu Aguaviva deserves special attention for offering original ceviche served with fried plantains, fresh oysters and paella anthology of the New World, made with cous-cous.

the Puerto Rican food

Photography by yasmapaz & ace_heart

Visa and connections:

Currently, the island is covered by 4 million per year and most of the tourists from the United States, Spain and Mexico.

For Argentines, however, the ultimate destination in the Caribbean remains the Dominican Republic and her jewel «place for a honeymoon (for honeymooners): Punta Cana The advantage here is that direct charter halibut no visa is required.

Enjoy your trip!

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