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My experience told me that in the Nordic countries is very difficult to eat well at a good price. The price is almost inevitable if you go to a restaurant because you have to adapt to the standards of the country where you are traveling, but the quality is debatable. And I must admit that I ate very well in Copenhagen. I always like that behind places I visit have stories that give meaning to the place and many of the restaurants we visited and we ate had a story behind it.

The restaurants in Copenhagen

Photography by Kent Wang

In this post I want to name the other restaurants where we ate and ate but not local people had recommended.

Restaurant Geist

This new restaurant is the chef Bo Bech. Bo Bech is a famous Danish chef who has cooked in some of the best restaurants in Europe and rose to fame in his country through a reality TV cooking show on Danish television. Bo Bech previously was in charge of the Restaurant Paustian, with a Michelin star in 2008. From that time preferred closer to the public and created a bakery in Copenhagen where he sold only one type of bread and finally created the restaurant Geist. The restaurant Geist, is an antithesis of his former restaurant, very casual, with dark walls and quite noisy offers simplified versions of their creations to make them available to everyone. The aim of Geist is not to have a Michelin star restaurant quality food but to offer his guests at a reasonable price.

The truth is that the restaurant surprised me. Nordic design with a very dark tones but with these four-course ask to test each of the specialties. For coffee they made a hole in the bar restaurant where you can see all the chefs work in a fully open, with Bo Bech at the center of the kitchen hand in getting all the dishes out of the kitchen. At the end of the meal and cafes Bo Bech went outside the restaurant to say hello and ask how they had eaten. Coinciding with that El Bulli was closing in a few weeks told us that he was leaving in 2 days to eat at El Bulli and visit some places of Spain. Possibly one of the most expensive restaurants to eat in Copenhagen, but the experience worthwhile. Address: Kongens Nytorv 8.

The restaurants to eat in Copenhagen

Photography by Sarah_Ackerman

Noma Restaurant

Returning to El Bulli, nominated as the best restaurant in the world five years ago, when Ferran Adrià decided to close his restaurant to become a foundation, the association that designs the rankings of the best restaurants, decided to make the title of best restaurant in the world El Bulli and appoint as successor to the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen.

The Noma restaurant chef Rene Redzepi, with two Michelin stars, is in an old building in Christianshavn district that served as a warehouse for boats coming to the Danish islands. Its name comes from the association of the concepts Nordisk (Nordic) and Mad (food) and intends to present a reinterpretation of Nordic cuisine.

In our blogtrip # CPH11, we can eat in the Noma, although I suppose that the budget and the possibility to book for many people was not manageable. However, they could visit him on the outside, but did not appear to be the best restaurant in the world and by far, appearances often deceive. Address: 93 Strandgade.

Copenhagen Restaurants

Photography by Sarah_Ackerman

Restaurant bar Toldbod

Opened in October 2010 by Jesper Moeller chef, has a clear objective, offering quality local food consumption while minimizing emissions to the ozone layer. In addition to focusing on the kitchen, another objective is the recycling of materials for use in its restaurant and bar of 700m2 in a spectacular location.

The Toldbod offers a rich menu of brunch and the chef personally Jesper Moeller explained the philosophy of the restaurant. After an interesting conversation delighted us with a delicious meal based on tapas, skewers and salmon humeado spectacular. During the meal we drank beer and wine as well as production philosophy is to reduce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere. The truth is that we had to ask for more bread because it was all delicious.

The restaurant has an ice cream after lunch back and gave us each an ice cream we had to eat quickly while we were cycling to the next activity. It is a highly recommended restaurant would return without hesitation, not only because the food was excellent but also by local, recycled materials are restoring Jesper Moeller and views of the canal in Copenhagen. Address: Nordre Toldbrod 24.

Restaurant bar Toldbod

Photography by JorgeBRAZIL

Nørrebro Bryghus Restaurant

One of the dinners that we had prepared the VisitDenmark was in the restaurant of the brewery Nørrebro Bryghus. The Nørrebro small brewery founded in 2003, consists of the area where they make 8 different types of beer, a restaurant on the top and a beer bar in the basement.

His specialty is a menu of Danish food pairing the beers produced in the micro factory. And being my first experience with beer pairings and the result was spectacular not only in the quality of food and beer but also on our mood and desire to binge.

The objective is to create a brewery Nørrebro Nordic-style menu with Danish products that combine with a good beer or that beer is one of its main ingredients. There’s even beer to drink with dessert plate which was based on various Danish cheeses. Another objective of this brewery north of Copenhagen is to produce beer that pollute the least. He was one of the restaurants that struck me about the quality of the food and beers and again to taste the delicious menu. Address: Ryesgade 3

Vegetarian restaurant in Christiania Morgenstedet

During our visit to the neighborhood of Christiania, Pete, our guide suggested we Christiania to eat vegetarian restaurant Morgenstedet. However, by not accepting credit cards could not stay to eat there. With this thorn stuck and knowing that the last day my plane left for later, I decided to go visit Bjarke Ingels buildings on the outskirts of Copenhagen and also eat at the Morgenstedet, and I did.

The restaurant was a buffet where you could choose between two entrees and a soup, hummus or salads. In my case I tried the vegetarian lasagna, a bit of hummus that looked very nice and asked that they prepare bread in the restaurant. The drink I found is very cool tap water, but I guess they have more drinks to choose from. Ate on the terrace if it’s a sunny day is a perfect place to eat and rested on the table with a wifi available.

The food was very good although a bit expensive, I guess if I were to prove Christiania other vegetarian restaurants in the neighborhood, although it is highly recommended.

Restaurant Kodbyens fischebar

In one of our activities in the meatpacking district discovered Copenhagen (Kødbyen) currently is becoming the cool neighborhood of the capital of Denmark. One of the restaurants they recommended was the Kodbyens fischebar guide, a fish restaurant where you can eat good and cheap between trailers and locals. We could not test because it was closed, but looked very nice. Address: 100 Flæsketorvet.

Restaurant Kodbyens fischebar

Photography by the Italian voice

Mother Pizzeria

Under our path through the meatpacking district find this pizzeria. Known my obsession with pizza and the best pizza in the world, explained that this pizzeria have developed their own sourdough for their pizzas are nutritious. Nor could try, but it is in my list of pizza to go. Address: 9-15 Hokerboderne

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