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Many times, when we decide that we want to visit a country where we have not been the first choice that comes to mind is to fly to their capital. While there are some countries that concentrate in the capital much of its culture and tourism, it is usual, and a clear example of this is Germany. The German state as such is a relatively recent invention, with little more than 130 years.

Cheap Flights with low cost - Germany

Photography by daspaddy

Germany was always a region dominated by powerful city-state, sometimes capital of small kingdoms. Frankfurt, Aahen, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and many others were masters of their destiny for a long time and preserve an important ancient heritage proudly showing visitors, whether in the form of spectacular cathedrals, castles, palaces or by a large number of museums.

We’re not going to tell now the monuments and sights of these cities it would be an endless list and prefer to save them for other more specific and detailed articles (in any case we have published in What I do is recommend some of the cheapest airports to fly to Germany from some of the main Spanish cities.

Germany Cheap Flights with low cost

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Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN). From 20 € i / v per person
Düsseldorf Airport (NRN). From 60 € i / v per person
Hamburg Airport – Lübeck (LBC). From 20 € i / v per person
Karlsruhe-Baden Airport (FKB). From 20 € i / v per person
Dortmund Airport (DTM). From 50 € i / v per person
Airport Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF). From 70 € i / v per person
Bremen Airport (BRE). From 20 € i / v per person


We have compiled a table at the end with the main combinations and the companies that operate by establishing a criterion of maximum of 100 € per ticket per person round trip, including expenses, booking two months in advance.

Shoenefeld Berlin – Easyjet
Bremen – Ryanair
Dortmund – Easyjet
Düsseldorf – Ryanair
Frankfurt Hahn – Ryanair
Hamburg – Lübeck – Ryanair
Karlsruhe-Baden – Ryanair

Cheap Flights with low cost

Photography by MeriaDuck

Once we landed, the tourist should know that n terms of transport, the train is the most economical and effective way to bring us to our final destination. In addition, the German rail system is one of the most efficient in the world, and all of these airports is excellently served by this transport. Anyway, if you prefer to rent a car, these are the main companies operating in Germany: Sixt, Hertz and Europcar.

Rental rates:

Prices start a car rental from 65 € per day for a small car – compact, so a rental of 2 days we would go above 130 €. If you book more than a month before we can surely benefit from a promotional campaign something we cheapen the price or extras include us for the same amount. Many find it surprising, but the prices of products in Germany tend to be equal to or somewhat cheaper than in Spain. Examples are clothing or hotels, where it is common to find well-appointed rooms for 80 euros per night for 2 people. You do not have excuses for not visiting the cathedral of Cologne, Frankfurt Römerplatz or Munich’s Christmas market, so would you dare to make your departure to Germany?

Good Luck!

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