Athens by night – Bars and restaurants

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Many tourists who are close to reaching the city of Athens in Greece, will be the question: What is Athens at night? Come to that point because everyone in one way or another know or have heard of Athens and the first thing that comes to mind are its monuments and sculptures, but another important aspect is the nightlife of the city. Then we leave a list of these sites:

Athens by night - Bars and restaurants

Photography by dennis and aimee jonez

Restaurants in Athens


Central fish tavern has been open since 1898. On the bare stone walls hang paintings of Savakis, a native of Plaka. You can eat outdoors, with tables snaking through the steps of the alley.

Address: Erechtheos 16/Erotokritou, Plaka

To Kati Allo

Single family tavern in the area near the new Acropolis museum. Mesón neighborhood in the true sense of the word, which sometimes have open till 3-4 in the morning when
Plaka waiters make nighttime feedings.

Address: Chatsichristou 12 Makroyanni


For many, the best inn of Athens, and perhaps in Greece. A 2-star French chef has designed the menu and the winery has made famous. Simplicity is a great honor for this restaurant which for years has received all the awards have or might have.

Address: Pyrronos 5 Pangrati

Xinos Taverna

A musical tavern should receive be considered national treasures! A rickety shack in a backyard with magnificent wall paintings, which is just as twisted and tilted the musicians who work in it, but it is incredibly genuine, homemade food like they serve.

Address: Géronde 4, Plaka

Plaka Area:


The Athenians love to sit in their kafeneion and Greek coffee or frappe, iced coffee. But the new culture of coffee with the caffe latte and cappucino is gaining ground.


Near the central plaza Plaka there are plenty of similar cafes where you can take a frappé, read the newspaper and watching the people.

Address: Kydathineon

Bars and restaurants in Athens

Photography by Bracketing Life

Coffee Peros

The focus of Kolonaki Square, which is eventually passed all the people we know. A site for men and elegant ladies drinking coffee under the canopy. Open 24 hours.

Address: Plateia Kolonakiou, Kolonaki

Bars and nightlife in Athens:
Athens is not a real city bars. However, there are many combinations of bar / cafe that serve as one or the other. They also often food, since eating a little something to make a cup is a custom in Greece. In summer much of the nightlife moves to Vouliagmenis Glyfada and along the coast.

Grand Bretagne

The old classic hotel bar has a wealthy environment of the early twentieth century. He washed his face and has once again become one of the most central meeting places for Athens.

Address: Syntagmatorget


People are usually found under trees in this leafy street where a bar is mixed with the other. The Bar and the elegant inn Mousa Blue are wall to wall.

Address: Charitos 43, Kolonaki

Psyrri, Gazi, Rouf

In the neighborhoods after Monastiraki areas have emerged nightlife, with pubs, bars and night clubs that lasted until very late. Look for Astron, Taki 3 or Bee.

Address: Miaouli and themed.

Shopping in Athens:

The best shopping streets are Voukourestiou, Patriarhou Ioakim, Skoufa, Tsakalof, Kanari and cruises around Kolonaki. There are a lot designer clothes, expensive boutiques and jewelry stores. Try
Center Emporiko eg, an exclusive gallery of several floors with gold, ties, watches and sunglasses and a Gucci boutique. The district also Old Athens, a shoe and handbag store with the scent of the ’60s.

The owner was a fashion editor before he opened his own shop to return to fashion accessories handmade Greek. Has become Ermou street shoe shops par excellence and Mitropoleos, down from Syntagma to Monastiraki, you can also buy handbags and shoes. Here too is the market, which occupies an entire block, with the fish market in the center. Some are butchers and grocery stores throughout the market and there are several places to eat, very simple but good.

Athens Travel Guide

Photography by disou13

Long night in Athens!

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