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Well let me tell you, I was searching the web prices of the cheapest flights and I was pleasantly surprised with the company via internet travel

For reservations until March 6 at 10:00: offers cheap flights to some of the major holiday destinations this summer. The supply of summer, the airline includes cities such as Paris and Rome, and other holiday favorites, such as Sharm El Sheikh and Tenerife.

Ticket prices start at 9.99 pounds (11.20 €) in the way and vary by destination and dates you are traveling.

The prices listed in the offer do not include taxes and fees. Passengers wishing to check in may do so at any time from 28 days before the date of travel to 5 hours before departure.

Here are selections of flights included in the bid.

Flights from Leeds Bradford to:

Belfast from 9.99 pounds (11.20 €)
Amsterdam from 9.99 pounds (11.20 €)
Paris from 9.99 pounds (11.20 €)
Dusseldorf from 14.99 pounds (16.80 €)
Chambery from 19.99 pounds (22.40 €)

Flights from Newcastle to:

Majorca from 29.99 pounds (33.60 €)
Ibiza from 39.99 pounds (44.80 €)
Menorca from 39.99 pounds (44.80 €)
Corfu from 67.99 pounds (76.20 €)
Lanzarote from 68.99 pounds (77.30 €)
Tenerife from 68.99 pounds (77.30 €)

Flights from Manchester to:
Budapest from 25.99 pounds (29.10 €)
Malaga from 29.99 pounds (33.60 €)
Nice from 29.99 pounds (33.60 €)
Algarve from 39.99 pounds (44.80 €)
Alicante from 39.99 pounds (44.80 €)
Rome from 39.99 pounds (44.80 €)
Olbia (Sardinia) from 49.99 pounds (56 € )

As you may know, each day more people are choosing the internet to search for and find their significant offers cheap flight, this is because buying online is always cheaper as you do not have to pay any commission when booking as it passes through a natural agency. Besides this way you can compare many more offers.

To help you find the best low cost flights available from a browser you can check flights and then only have to enter your flight and click on the logo of the agency desired. Quickly direct you to a wide range of cheap flights for your search.

I have some tips for getting good price for your flights:

1) Offers of flights last minute are almost a cliché. On very rare occasions, the airlines lowered the prices of the places where there are few days before the date of fly.

2) The advance, your best ally. If you are looking for an inexpensive flight, you better do it early, especially when it comes to transoceanic flights.

3) The offers there, but they have conditions. When an offer like «flights to Berlin from 30 euros,» we must bear in mind that the price is «starting», they say, there are 30 seats but is also having other prices. It is important not to suffer disappointment, to look at whether prices are one way, one way or return. And finally, although it may seem obvious, all offers are subject to certain dates of return, at a minimum and maximum stay at the destination, etc.. In conclusion: we do not feel disappointed if the offer is not available for the dates you want us to travel, because it is quite possible to match the dates on which everyone wants to do.

4) Going back on Friday and Sunday, «mission impossible». It is increasingly fashionable to travel abroad during the weekend. This is called «European escapades.» The most usual is to find the way to late afternoon on Friday and returning Sunday, the later the better. It is true that they take the best weekend, but it is very unlikely to find the best prices. If we are flexible on dates and times, will have more opportunities to fly for little money.

5) Ask for help with technology. Even when traveling, technology can help us make better use of our time and find what you’re looking for without fail in the network.
In conclusion: to find cheap flights, the secret is in being patient and above all flexible. So if in addition to being flexible on dates and times, we are also destinations, we have the most success almost guaranteed. After all, all cities have something interesting, you cannot lose.

Having a good trip!

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  1. super cheap flights Says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts.
    You have a great Blog!!! I just added you to my Google News Reader.

    I went to Paris last month, I really love France!!!

    Keep up the good work. Thanks

  2. LnddMiles Says:

    Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

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