And Conrad Punta del Este in Uruguay

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Uruguay has a great diversity of landscapes, has a stable climate throughout the year, is generous in green pastures full of cattle, refreshing beaches and exceptional care of the environment. Possessor of a very special magic has endless possibilities of natural landscapes within easy reach. Their cities are filled with glamorous nightlife and wonderful Portuguese-Spanish style frozen in time.

Punta del Este

Photography by jikatu

Uruguay: «Country Natural»

More than two million visitors to the different cities, beaches, hot springs and parks year after year, they leave with the impression that Uruguay is a «Natural Country». Given its geographical location (30 ° -35 °) favors a temperate climate is subtropical, with coasts on the Atlantic Ocean. No extreme temperatures, from December to March summer range from 21 º C to 28 ° C, while winter (June-September) between 6 and 17 ° C.

Uruguay is a country to enjoy all year. The Uruguayan is known for being a host worship, hospitable and supportive, always ready to provide a service to visitors. For your peace of mind and security, with a special police for the support of tourists, visitors can go quiet at any time of day or night the streets. The nation is organized into 19 departments, with its capital Montevideo, which has about 1,400 inhabitants.

Nature Tourism:

 On the Atlantic coast can enjoy watching the Southern Right Whale, that every year between July and November surprises with its migration to these latitudes. He also lives there one of the largest populations of sea lions in the world, with the east coast where sea elephants also preferred.

The populations are concentrated in the Isla de Lobos and the coast of Cape Polonius. San Miguel Park and Santa Teresa Park, offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural and historical tourism at the same time, ancient fortresses surrounded by beaches and wildlife reserves.

And Conrad Punta del Este in Uruguay

Photography by diego_oliveira

Conrad Hotel Casino & Spa:

VISION To make a journey through their entire east coast. Beaches, dunes, forts, parks, hotels, restaurants were on the itinerary. But without doubt one of the most glamorous and stunning views was that made the famous Conrad Hotel Casino & Spa, located in Punta del Este.

Continental leadership:

Punta del Este leadership certainly exercised continental high-class tourist destination for a number of factors, which are not exhausted in its landscapes, its climate, its mansions and its particular way of life.

No doubt from the first half of last century, the varied and magnificent hotel supply has enabled its dissemination in the world. This ranges from major modern buildings with all the amenities you need a tourist to a boutique hotel with an unforgettable personality for visitors. Many tourists from around the world who come to conferences, business trips given the large hotels and lounges offering, so it has earned just being nominated as the capital of Mercosur.

Punta del Este: the city of glamor:

In Punta del Este beauty, architecture, great and famous shops, with windows that display the finest and exclusive items in all areas and all over the world, leaving bewildered tourists. The beauty, harmony and glamor breathes everywhere. In his large berth Molos boats, yachts of people coming from all over the world to spend your holiday, speaks of a special tourist: select, of refined taste, a lot of money and worldwide. He could speak of a resemblance to Monte Carlo.

To top it all this refinement and add more elegance to all existing hotels, was built a few years ago the famous Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino in exquisite taste and impressive size. It is seen from all parts of the city.

The famous work «The Hand»

Opposite the entrance of the famous Casino, the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarázabal built in 1981 his first hand, with fingers of 3.40 meters above the sand.

Punta del Este in Uruguay

Photography by mattrubens

The unique sculpture that emerged defiant from the sands was established very early in the emblem of the city, long before it was thought at the Conrad. Today is the most photographed statue and symbol of Punta del Este. The hand is of ferrocement. Then Irarrázabal built similar hands in Madrid, Spain, Italy, in the Atacama desert, called «The Hand of the Desert».

Conrad Hotel:

Famous for its elegance, its impressive central lobby, and the cozy atmosphere of high style and ample space, good taste is revealed in every detail. From Hotel Casino & Spa you can admire the Atlantic Ocean in all its glory. The people who visit it feels like another world. A world of movie stars, and indeed, inside the casino is the room of the stars, with photos of all those who have gone through their dependencies. Its location is very strategic, as it is in the heart of Punta del Este. Located 15 minutes from the international airport in Mansa beach, across from Isla Gorriti. Conrad has a style casino in Las Vegas, is unique in the region. It is located east of Argentina, only 35 minutes from Buenos Aires, by air and the South of Brazil, two hours from Sao Paulo. As in Brazil, the law does not contemplate the existence of casinos, tourists from the country by the thousands to attend Rio Conrad.

Hotel rooms feature all the comforts of a five star hotel, including a terrace overlooking the sea, where dazed passengers contemplate the magical sunsets. The glamor is always present. It is said that Conrad is Conrad. There is nothing similar.

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