The Huanchaca Ruins

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Huanchaca Ruins are administered by the Foundation Huanchaca Ruins in Antofagasta, Chile. It is an entity formed by the Catholic University of the North and Enjoy, largest casino operators, gaming in the country.

The Huanchaca Ruins

Photography by chn_yokoshim

Conservation aims Ruins National Monument Huanchaca and promote historical and heritage value, in addition to making the Desert Museum in the main center for educational, cultural and historical northern Chile.

Museum Features:

This museum will rescue the heritage and culture of northern Chile, making it a tourist attraction in the area. It will become the modern museum in the region of Antofagasta with the latest technology equipment.

This unique museum is the only one built as part of a national monument and will have an astronomical sample of the European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, ESO, the date does not exist in the regional market. Occupy an important place in the circuits that perform Enjoy the tour operator.

Architecture: Project Huanchaca

The «Project Huanchaca Ruins National Monument,» a name in Quechua means «bridge sentences» is the draft national winner in 1996 called architecture, architects Ramon Coz, Marco and Ignacio Polidura Volante, proposing the creation of a cultural center for the city of Antofagasta. His model, along with pictures that illustrate its projection, is on display until August 30, 2001 in the 2nd floor of the MAC.

Ruins Huanchaca a milestone in the city of Antofagasta, Region II capital, as are the structural foundations on which the machinery was installed in a silver refinery would be the largest in South America and play a role in equipping the city.

The Huanchaca

Photography by pingui_kathy

National Monument:

The importance of Ruin, declared a national monument in 1974 and abandoned, prompted the Universidad Católica del Norte, Regional Municipality, Provincial Government, City of Antofagasta and bow, to organize and convene a national competition for architecture in 1996 which led to winning the team draft architects Coz, Polidura and Volante.

Permanent exhibitions:

Historical Exhibition Smelter Ruins Huanchaca and history associated with the establishment Metallurgical Playa Blanca.

Ruins Huanchaca

Photography by pingui_kathy

Dynamic exhibitions:

In this type of display will show the geology of the area, consisting of a first time in the initial collection, which includes rocks, fossils, minerals, images and texts.

Archaeology and Anthropology: the initial collection includes objects, pictures, models and remnants of mining and post-Hispanic Hispanic, as well as explanatory text.

Astronomy: the initial sample covers topics of current interest as extrasolar planets, black holes and dark energy and materials.

Other units:

The other units of the foundation, including an auditorium, a shop, cafeteria and administration offices and the work of researchers.

Huanchaca Ruins, are undoubtedly an unforgettable experience!

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