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The Shrine of the Sun in Lake Titicaca

martes, septiembre 6th, 2011

At 3,800 meters above sea level in the clear blue waters of Lake Titicaca Inca gods more closely reflect, mingling with the earthly land of history and legend. Even the brightness of the sun is much cleaner and the brightness is opened through arid lands, archaeological remains of ancient civilization and the mystery of being the place where according to legend, mankind was born in Inca mythology.

Lake Titicaca

Photography by jimmyharris

Yumani Inca Steps:

La Isla del Sol, sculpted terraces, was the sanctuary of the virgins dedicated to the sun god or Inti. (más…)

Travel to the heart of Jujuy

domingo, septiembre 4th, 2011

If we travel to Tilcara, this means that the visitor receives a range of alternatives under a sky always clear. Hiking with llamas that recall the ancient Inca caravans, hiking to hidden waterfalls, a piece of history in Pucara, night clubs and religious festivals to celebrate among multicolored hills and friendly people who are struggling to keep their roots in the middle of tourist flood.



Tilcara is a party. Events like the carnival and the village overflow Tilcareño January each summer. The procession of the Virgen del Abra de Punta Corral attracts thousands of pilgrims every Easter Monday, days before the famous Via Crucis Tilcareño Easter, where the gleaming shrines worked. (más…)

Travel west of Patagonia in Argentina

viernes, septiembre 2nd, 2011

Western Patagonia, Argentina blanket nine major ski resorts. With technology renovation, fighting for its target audience who loves winter sports.


Photography by Ana_Cotta

In Mendoza, Neuquén, Black River, Chubut and Tierra del Fuego, our country is home to nine major ski resorts, where they spend about 350 thousand passengers per year. These centers offer snowy slopes, equipment hire, teachers, restaurants, shops, child care and emergency responders. But each has its peculiarities. (más…)

Travel to Easter Island

viernes, mayo 6th, 2011

More than 3,500 kilometers from the nearest point of South America and 4,251 kilometers from Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, Rapa Nui or Easter Island, is geographically one of the most remote inhabited places on earth.

Rapa Nui or Easter Island

Photography by Phillie Casablanca

This small triangle in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean is a total mystery to the most renowned experts and a unique and magical place for visitors who have the opportunity to explore its amazing volcanic landscapes littered with moai. (más…)

Trips to the Cerro Rico de Potosi

martes, abril 26th, 2011

The Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia, gets up every morning smaller. The red, ocher, brown and silver is lost through your pores after centuries of mortal wounds. Farther and farther from the sun and closer to the fire of the deep, the mountain became known to Potosi in the world and dragged his people into a nightmare of tunnels, passageways and slavery, still dominates the city, but every day slightly smaller.

Adventure travel in Bolivia

Photography by RastaChango

The city wakes up early. Just look at first light to 4,067 meters above sea level when its inhabitants, accustomed to rationing of oxygen, they start a new day, for many of them deep in the beautiful hill or Orcko Sumaj. (más…)

Ideal destination Austin

jueves, marzo 10th, 2011

The city of Austin can be an ideal destination when you’re in Texas. In today’s post will talk about this destination and what to expect in terms of attractions.

Ideal destination Austin

Photography by rutlo

Attractions in Austin:

SxSW Congress:

SxSW Congress has three main branches, a film festival that lasts two weeks, a music festival that lasts a week and a half and a technology conference that lasts a week. In this way for almost two weeks together in Austin every year the most important (basically the U.S. level) technology, music and film. Last year was counted with the presence of Quentin Tarantino, Evan Williams (CEO and founder of Twitter) and heavy metal group Motorhead among others. The truth is that there are so many things in parallel that it is impossible to enjoy all the events and parties that are competing in Austin during those weeks. (más…)

Machu Picchu – Lost City of the Incas

miércoles, febrero 23rd, 2011

Some say it is one of the most energy on the planet. Others assert that the ancient lost city of the Inca gods. The reality is that the Inca fortress of Machu Picchu is perched between the majestic Andes mountains, flanked by mountains, old and new (Machu and Huayna Picchu) emerging from the Peruvian jungle. More than five centuries of history surrounded by a halo of mystery this magical corner of the planet, which some historians believe was the resting place of the highest nobility of the Inca empire, with its capital in the city of Cuzco (Quechua Qosco, «navel the world «).

Machu Picchu

Photography by kudumomo

Machu Picchu is now one of the seven new wonders of the modern world, and any traveler can assert in this election just inside the first entrance to the fortress. (más…)

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