Stress-free travel tips II

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Stress-free travel tips – Part II

– Bring your ID and passport, provided. It is important to take these two forms of identity if we leave the country, although not compulsory to have both (if you travel by the European Economic Community), because the key is to bring several documents. In addition, we must always keep in different places. For example, we can leave the ID at the hotel and carry a passport, or carry your passport in your backpack and ID in my wallet. The idea is to relieve the stress knowing that if we lose our purse or wallet stolen, at least we have somewhere else you need to identify and return home as soon as possible. Another practice that reduces stress is to take the portfolio as sheltered and close to the body as possible. Thus, with only a little rozarnos the area in question already know that all is well.

– It is very unlikely to lose the flight. The day we come home many of us have the habit of being worried about whether we have time to catch the flight, we seem to be slowing and is upon us when we left for the airport … If we stop to consider the times we have missed a flight, likely to be zero or one (right?:-p), so the most likely happen this time either. Relaxing anyway, really helps out with yourself enough time, an hour before what we think is necessary, for example. Thus, if the hotel check-out takes longer than expected or appears to be the airport train does not arrive, we go outside of time and much calmer.

The vital travel information

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– Prepare and you have all vital travel information. A practice which is very useful for me is to print basic information about the trip at one topic per page, and clearly label each leaf on the back. Examples of information that I usually carried by hand: Check-in the plane, hotel booking, directions and map to get from airport to hotel directions, schedules and advice from the sites I visited, addresses, telephone numbers of the destination, etc..

All these papers always store in a flat pocket of his bag, which is very accessible. Experience tells us that to work has to be very easy to use. For example, if I think I need a map of the area adjacent to the hotel, the last thing you want to do when you need is having to take your gadget, find the maps application, open the map, search the area, enlarge and see it all in screen «4» That’s if all goes well and is battery. Instead, open the pocket of the bag, find the paper where the «plane of the hotel» and deploy, which is super easy.

Take a book: Remember, there are two types of stress associated with travel: the positive is it that keeps us alert when the situation requires it, that makes us be aware of when to keep it up in the aircraft. Then there is the negative, which is what makes us constantly worried for no reason, which overwhelms us because we have a plan to help us get to the hotel.

Surely you have more tips to avoid negative stress of travel, so please let us count what are they?

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