What to do in Liverpool II

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Bloh Villa de Ayora: What to do in Liverpool – Part II

Liverpool Cathedrals:

The English city has two cathedrals, both of very recent construction.

Anglican Cathedral: Built between 1901 and 1978, is very large. It is the most traditional style Catholic Cathedral, but it is much older. The first part of the building constructed (the Lady Chapel) was completed in 1910, but the rest would take more than seventy years to complete. A Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral will involve several records, including the largest cathedral in the UK, which has the world’s tallest tower, in addition to the heavier bells. It also boasts the cathedral with Gothic arches and wide highest worldwide. Its opening hours are from 8am to 18pm every day.

Metropolitan Cathedral: It is very modern-looking building, is circular and can accommodate up to 2,300 people seated. The exterior is reminiscent of Mayan temple, and that access is through a large number of ascending stairs that end in an open area with metal panels showing figures of stylized birds.

The Cathedral of Liverpool

Photography by LivingOS

Liverpool and the Beatles:

For some, it is undoubtedly the most important tourist attraction in Liverpool. Mathew St is the street where the group says he was born, particularly in the Cavern pub. Keep in mind that this pub is really small: once in the door there to go down steep stairs and find ourselves in the dark, tiny bar where they were allegedly discovered in one of his first performances. The place is quite touristy.

Travel tips of Liverpool

Photography by mari5hka

Liverpool also have the Beatles Story Museum, located in the Albert Dock complex. Only mythomaniacs that will have fun. There you will find posters, the group’s history explained in many murals, costumes and musical instruments and of course you can enjoy your music while visiting the museum. In addition, a macro store where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs related in some way with the group.

Let’s be honest, it is impossible to separate the city of Liverpool of the Beatles, probably her most famous export brand. The city of Liverpool is full of reminiscences of the band, there are several museums of different sizes, temporary exhibitions and a lot of trade related. However, there is still something authentic in the area, such as a pub called the White Star (the name comes from a famous shipping company in the city). In this pub, if we believe in their own advertising. It is said that the Beatles did here some of his first paid performances. However, the theme of this pub is not set in both the English pop band as in boxing. Is filled with posters of former boxing events, and the pub today retains the image of old and authentic pub in Liverpool. If you like music, boxing, boats or just have a good beer, this is a highly recommended place to visit.

White Star pub in Liverpool:

And finally … do not see in Liverpool. This is one of those small sections will never find in a guidebook, but also must be taken into account in the face of our visit. In this case, in Liverpool there is also a small Chinatown, presented by an imposing 50m-high arch built in Shanghai (a city with which Liverpool is twinned). Opened in 2000, this arch is larger existing outside China.

Liverpool of Travel Guides

Photography by dmums

Despite the fame he once had in this small Chinatown, the truth is that today is completely soulless and hardly any activity more than a couple of blocks, with restaurants that offer more than what a typical Chinese restaurant to use. Instead, the environment is dangerous. For all this, directly approached the famous bow and throw some pictures may be more than enough.

Discover Liverpool!

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