Tips to photograph sunsets

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One of the most treasured photos of a trip is always a sunset. We offer a few tips and tricks to achieve the desired photo shoot, so you look as hard to get.

Tips to photograph sunsets

Photography by gailf548

A very important factor to consider for any photo is light, but in the case of the sunsets this factor becomes paramount. We get an image rich in saturated, capture the richness of colors that we face. Our job as photographers will be to show the camera what the area that really interests us shoot is.


– The first step is to turn off the flash. Since this will pop up automatically in low light, capturing an extremely bright area in front of us, to deactivate get natural light to dominate the picture. If we have no choice but to use the flash (some cameras can not turn it off), we opt for the ‘night snapshot’ to reduce its strength as much as possible. This flash mode do most of automatic cameras, we just manage to configure this option.

Photograph sunsets

Photography by antwerpenR

– The second preparatory step and most important is to point the camera at the sky. Focus the picture above the horizon line and fill the frame with the maximum of light and color can we want to capture. This is how we inform the chamber light levels we want, so she set the exposure automatically. Once we have pointed to the sky and focus the light area that is most similar to which we capture in the photo, we will push the shutter button halfway to set the auto focus and exposure. Holding down the trigger (most cameras retain the values for 30 seconds), the camera will go into the final frame we want to achieve, and then shoot the photo. This technique works with all auto-focus cameras, both analog and digital.

– If the effect is not desired and we are capturing less light than we are, in most cameras can play with another parameter: overexposure. Using this method, we tell the camera to take more time to shoot the photo, with the aim of capturing the maximum possible detail.

– Normally, the cameras allow you to choose different values of overexposure (time), and we have to play a little trial and error. As a rule, the less light in the environment, the higher the time value to be applied in overexposure. Anyway, if we spend with it, also get unwanted results: color burn, loss of detail, grain, etc. Another implementation of this method is that it is very easy to get a blurry photo, so we have to help that we get a tripod that all travel and give so little use.

More tricks to get the perfect picture:

– Go prepared always. We must always carry the camera on top! The perfect sunset sudden we can grab at least expect the landscape. It is highly recommended to also carry a spare battery, not with the transfer of the day we have used the main and we run out to photograph one of the most romantic moments of the trip.

Photograph one of the most romantic moments

Photography by The Dilly Lama

– Take it easy. If you know of a place where spectacular sunsets to photograph, comes with an hour in advance (check the exact time of commissioning a local newspaper or web). Once prepared, start shooting and keep shooting as the light intensity changes. Do not stop just because the sun is hiding. There are still 10 or 15 minutes that will light fading and it is this time can make the best pictures.

– Set the shutter speed. Many modern cameras set the shutter speed automatically. The best results are obtained but shooting in manual mode. Use values of 400 or 800 ASA / ISO, the more conducive to poor lighting conditions.

– Save at full resolution. In digital cameras, you can choose different picture resolutions. We choose the highest. Some cameras also let you choose the recording format: JPEG or TIFF. The TIFF format is the most complete and not lose quality, but at the expense of image occupy about 10 times more than in JPEG format. A sunset is due.

– Plan your time. Try to visualize the picture you get before you even shoot. Then, take a few extra seconds to improve the image. Make sure everything you want to capture appears in the frame with clarity, and eliminate anything that distracts our composition. What is the best? That is up to the artist, but always lets nature be the sole protagonist.

We hope these tips can get some pictures of sunsets that you can be proud … a lifetime! And if you want to share with us, we will be happy.

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