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Tips for driving on the left in countries like Ireland and the UK

jueves, octubre 21st, 2010

If you need to rent a car in Ireland, UK or other countries where they drive on the left are several things you might wonder: Should I rent a car with manual gearbox, or is it better to have an automatic? Will it cost me to get used to the sense of driving? Do roundabouts ‘work’ as well?

Tips for driving on the left in countries like Ireland and the UK

Photography by Joe Shlabotnik

Driving Tips:

If you have no idea of what a car with right hand drive, do not worry, the rest is the same. The pedals are still in the same order and layout of your regular car, so driving your feet will follow its natural course. Your right hand instead of reflexively hit the door if you remember that change is on the other hand, I buckled backwards and you get too close to the left side of the road. All this, just hop on the car. Still have to move. (más…)

Memories of World War II – four tours around the world (Part II)

viernes, septiembre 17th, 2010

Berlin: tries to forget

Without leaving Berlin, there are numerous monuments erected in memory of the disaster. Although Germany has removed all traces of this dark and shameful chapter of its history erased from the streets and squares throughout nomenclature referring to Nazism, there is a small area on the Berlin Wall, known as the «Topography of Terror», which houses a series of illustrations that reflect a summary of the atrocities committed on people during the Nazi period. Some illustrations that anticipate what the visitor can be found within the Foundation Center, under the same name, has been built on the site of what once was the headquarters logistics of the Gestapo and the SS and eventually opened in 2010.

Memories of World War II - four tours around the world (Part II)

Photography by jamiejohndavies

Even today, a checkpoint in the middle of Berlin difference between east and west and if you’re lucky, may even see a soldier standing guard on each side. This is the «Checkpoint Charlie», reinstalled in the city ten years after the collapse of the wall as a reminder of the critical point at which hundreds risked their lives seeking to flee the GDR. (más…)

The most beautiful cathedrals in Spain – Part II

domingo, julio 11th, 2010

The most beautiful cathedrals of Spain: Catedral de Bilbao, San Sebastian Cathedral, Cathedral of Barcelona, Tarragona Cathedral, Cathedral of León, Astorga Cathedral, Cathedral of Avila, Zamora Cathedral, Cathedral of Valladolid, Salamanca Cathedral, Cathedral Lugo, Mondoñedo Cathedral, Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de Pamplona, Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada in La Rioja.


Photography by Gill Rickson

Continuing the second part of Spain’s most beautiful cathedrals, we present the final list. (más…)

Travel health precautions

miércoles, marzo 31st, 2010

Travel health precautions

The Travel Medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on disease prevention and risk situations to which passengers may be exposed, regardless of destination. Also devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases acquired during travel.

As an independent medical specialty, the Travel Medicine is strongly linked to infectivity-lodge, and within this, particularly related to Tropical Medicine.

A health specialist can offer the advice you need to prevent disease during travel. Also, the possible diagnoses and treats diseases acquired by people after a trip. (más…)

What is Tourism 2.0?

viernes, noviembre 6th, 2009

Tourism 2.0 is the evolution of Internet travel sites that have emerged with Web 2.0, the second generation of web services and communities that encourage participation and collaboration among users.

With 2.0 Tourism travel Web sites, portals, online destination guides, service providers and managers of reserves, which now has direct user interaction, which generates a unique value, through criticism, comment, suggestions to tourism products and services (airlines, hotels, tours, destinations, restaurants, etc..), sharing experiences through blogs, videos and photos, directly influencing the perception and decision of other users and «potential travelers. (más…)

Formalities at the airport in Santiago, Chile

sábado, septiembre 19th, 2009

The formalities at the airport in Santiago of Chile, is the most important thing to know before arriving at the airport in Santiago, Chile, to avoid any problems.  When you get to Santiago: All passengers must be checked through immigration and present their identification documents (either ID card or passport) and the visa stamped (depending on country of origin). Reciprocity tax for all passengers with a passport from Australia, Canada, the United States and Mexico must pay a reciprocity tax before making his entrance. The cost differs in the following countries: Australia $ 56 Canada U.S. $ 132 U.S. $ 131 Mexico $ 15. (más…)

Puerto Rico and the rum factory

viernes, julio 31st, 2009

Bacardi excursion por jennifer_wilkinson.

It is not a museum and is perhaps not a typical tourist visit, but if you’re in Puerto Rico, you’re in one of the islands of Rum and precisely on the island which has the largest factory of the world. So if you want to change the architecture and landscape for a while, there’s nothing like a trip to the Bacardi rum factory. (más…)

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