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The hotel was built by Bofill Ramon Bofill i Gallés (1858-1931), who in time became one of the most renowned dentists in Spain. From your query Barcelona and given his reputation, Dr. Bofill had as customers much of the Catalan bourgeoisie of the time. 

The Hotel Bofill

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Dr. Bofill and his two good friends Drs Valenti Carulla (also Rector of the University of Barcelona, 1913) and Antoni Ariet i Barberis (and 1st mayor of the 2nd Republic Viladrau, 1931) were the capitalized greatly promote Viladrau as healing and tourist destination of the Catalan bourgeoisie of early twentieth century. And quite rightly, as Viladrau was and remains a town of fresh air and idyllic surroundings like few in Catalonia.

In relation to healthy Viladrau attributes that attracted at the time to so many patients locals and holidaymakers, it was said that:

«In this town meets during the summer months and select a large» colony Barcelona «, families will enjoy a mild climate, tempered and friendly while the temperatures climb and burdens in the Catalan capital. However, this privileged location in the heart of Montseny is surrounded by exuberant nature, has a beautiful view and provides health and peace to holidaymakers. »

And that’s how they arrived at Viladrau a large number of wealthy characters, mainly suffering from breathing problems, allergies, etc.. Or simply vacationers in search of a warmer climate and in direct contact with wild and untouched nature of Montseny.

In the early twentieth century, they could spend the summer did a consciousness far from one or two weeks and return to home, closed their houses and went to Barcelona Viladrau at the first signs of heat, to San Juan, and did not return well into September when school started for children. That is, three months of vacation repeated year after year.

A privileged place:

And Dr. Bofill, in addition to the dentist was an entrepreneur, so soon see the opportunity to build a hotel in Viladrau house where their patients. This could continue serving in the distance, so to speak. So, without thinking twice, ordered to begin construction of the hotel which extended its range of services to Viladrau in Osona, province of Girona.

The architect in charge of building the Hotel Bofill was D. Joseph Domenech i Steppe (1858-1917), author of many iconic buildings of the time locals, like Catalana de Gas (Portal del Angel), Hospital Clínic, La Salle Bonanova, Palau de Justicia and the La Modelo prison, among other .

From an architectural point of view, rather than a specifically new show, the building of Hostel Bofill, shows that it is ornamental modernist ultimately a return to classicism.

Bofill Hotel was inaugurated on August 8, 1898. The initial budget was 40,000 hard but the final cost soared to 60,000 dollars. Initially consisted of «50 rooms» and opened only four months a year. In 1910 it expanded with an annex in the back, which is now part of the large dining room and living room, both with rural views to the terraces and green hills Viladrau environment, surrounded by houses.

However, the expansion was dedicated initially to accommodate the activities of a company called Casino Hotel Bofill, intended for entertainment colony filled Viladrau holidaymakers each summer. In a grandly decorated rooms with paintings, summer is a dance orchestra offered daily as well as film and theater sessions regularly. The atmosphere must have been magnificent.

Hostal Bofill today:

In the large dining room was today found a restaurant with 200 seats, with exquisite Art Nouveau decor that betrays its origins, and with beautiful views to the north side of Montseny. It’s nice to eat with the family on a sunny Sunday, the atmosphere is great and everybody very happy with the quality / price ratio, so surely repeated many of these people coming, both to approach the area and even spending the night in the hostel.

Bofill Hostel also has a typical village bar each evening where neighbors gather to play botifarra. In winter over the living room an old wood stove. Below is a large reading room, also decorated with antique furniture and a llar de foc singular. Usually enjoy her guests staying at the hostel, which offers 25 double rooms with the typical comforts of today. Prices in 2011 are 60 € per person full board or half board € 50, always in season.

Enjoy your stay at the Hotel Bofill.

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