The magical and enchanting Bruges

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Bruges is one of the most charming and relaxing cities worldwide. A city full of nostalgia that surrounds all who visit Belgium. Being Beginhof is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bruges is was founded in 1245 by the then Countess of Flanders and Princess of Constantinople, Margarita.

The magical and enchanting Bruges, Belgium

Photography by Jim Linwood

It is said that the city of Bruges is «haunted» by the huge silence in the place because it has something special that makes all the tourists coming here, immediately lower the tone of his voice, to the point of appearing to speak in secret and in the outskirts of Bruges are Wingjaard and Sint-Katelijne Straat, two small neighborhoods where they concentrate most pubs and shops of the city, so they are always full of tourists embarrassing.

Regardless of the incessant noise in the neighborhoods mentioned above, I pledge to walk its streets will result in a very lovely experience, as there is much to see everywhere, at first, its beautiful houses built of huge stones carved hand, and many souvenir shops and many others where you can get the most characteristic dish of the place, the Belgian chocolate.

Belgium Bruges

Photography by ThisParticularGreg

In the corner formed by the conjunction of the streets and Dijvers Sin-Katelijn, you will find a very emblematic of the city, the Church of Our Lady Vrowekerk, place where is the figure of the famous «Madonna and Child» Virgin in the chapel, near the high altar, a marble figure made by Michelangelo himself, who is adored by all the faithful people of Bruges.

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The Scandic Hotel Bruges

Photography by Steve Parker

Bon voyage!

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