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Riviera Marriott

Place of glamor and eternal ride the jet set, the French Riviera manages to attract everyone’s attention from city to city. Throughout its long beaches are concentrated ports and marinas full of yachts, endless luxury hotels and restaurants, not forgetting the eternal tourists and celebrities who throng trendy places. But the region is not limited to its coast. Inside hides beautiful landscapes.

In addition, his art is omnipresent environment with hundreds of museums and more than 150 galleries. Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Saint Tropez are the most prominent cities of the Riviera gala and pageantry that goes around them in line with the high price of tourist services offered.

Port Palace

Finding accommodation where to stay in Provence and the Riviera can be challenging, not because there to choose from, but by the large number of attractive hotels where you can choose. From medieval castles to stately chateaux converted into cottages, and from palaces to villas on the Riviera cliffs. No available accommodation is scarce and prices for all tastes, but there is more supply and quality in the most luxury and refinement. A tip for travelers: During high season you must book in advance and if possible with confirmation by fax. Visit the visit will be booked, especially during the months of July and August. November is the month in which the tourism industry goes on vacation, and most hotels and restaurants are closed.

Cannes, the French city which hosts the prestigious annual film festival, has in its territory with several high posh hotels like Le Canberra or Le Grand Hotel, both four stars. Get a room they will leave the host by no less than 270 dollars a night. The accommodation is immense: he has 120 palaces and hotels on the seafront in the heart of the city. It offers the advantages of a single place of human scale.

The Principality of Monaco has only two square kilometers, but they are the best hotels, restaurants and brands of the world. It is synonymous with luxury. The Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, is one of the most emblematic inns. Nineteenth-century palace-like, it is difficult to find offers for no less than 335 dollars a night. In Fairmont, meanwhile, rest in a quiet, affluent pocket can cost the average $ 450 a room or stay. Very close to the popular casino and the Prince’s Palace stands as another fine hotel is the Ambassador. If the traveler does not object to its economy also can be decanted for two five-star Marriot the elegant Riviera, which pays tribute to Monaco itself, or the Port Palace, within walking distance of casinos and shopping malls.

Palais de la Mediterranee, from seafront por Drumaboy.

Photography by Drumaboy

Nice is the first city conference in France, after Paris, so your choice of hotels is vast and high quality. Among the luxury accommodations include two five-star hotels above the rest: Nice Boscolo Exedra Hotel, 113 rooms, and the Palais de la Méditerranée. Both have a casino, swimming pools, Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, solarium…etc. Provence is not immune to the charms that offer luxury facilities, which are concentrated in the triangle of three historic towns: Avignon, Arles and Aix-en- Provence. Here you can find a room from $ 160 upwards. Less expensive, difficult.

Peace and tranquility in your stay!

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