The Rodeo Montubio – A tradition in Ecuador

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The Rodeo is a tradition Montubio Cowboys camp on the coast of Ecuador, through which show the habits and skills acquired in their daily work with cattle on the farms where they work.

For montubio the rodeo community is a party in which the Cowboys participate with conviction and joy, more to stop up the name of his estate or association they represent, to win a trophy or a cash prize .

Guayaquil Rodeo Montubio

The delivery of the competitors is total, showing great courage and skill for luck and skill, whether horses, bulls or the bond, risking his physical suffering, sometimes injuries, and wounds.


Among the different modalities that are carried out in the competitions that take place during a rodeo are:

Girth: The bareback rider is mounted, ie, with no chair, and must hold the reins with one hand while the other goes in the air or can only hold onto the horse’s mane. The minimum time on the self-moving is 8 seconds.

Caracoled: The rider mounts a horse that has not been tamed and should be kept on the animal, making it prance at least 8 seconds. The cowboy uses his spurs with his bare foot.

Bull Riding: It’s like the form of stocks, only this rider is mounted on a bull. The animals used have not been previously mounted. Also, the time spent on the animal is 8 seconds.

The Loop: A mode in which the cowboy uses a beta, which is a long strip of leather twisted to link the animal with the hand or foot, back or doing blindfolded.

A tradition in Ecuador

Pial: Here the cowboys lacear must demonstrate skill in the neck and legs of the horse. The method proceeds as follows:

In the middle of where the rodeo takes place lies a team of several cowboys, which tasks are distributed until one of them mounted the horse is going to be tamed. The coordination work is done as follows:

1. A group of cowboys, with cries and make movements that the horse is directed to where two of his companions, called pialeros, so Lacen.

2. The pialeros, with its ties try to grab the horse while it gallops scared. One of them seeks to catch the animal by the neck using the loop with his right foot, this is without hands, and more difficult, makes it blindfolded, while his partner throws the beta for lazarlo front legs, which which brings down the quadruped.

3. With the fallen animal, several cowboys holding the rope and hold it for a partner to ride and perform dressage.

Salitre Rodeo:

Rodeos are held in different parts of the Ecuadorian coast but there is a county and a date that brings together the largest number of farms coming from different provinces, the canton is saltpeter and the date is October 12, commemorating the Day de la Raza, the day on which the story says that Christopher Columbus arrived to the lands of the Americas in 1492.

For the celebration of the rodeo, who organized the show, among other things set the stage where it is carried out, invite the various farms to participate, hire the musicians, and so on. Finally, to coordinate all matters concerning this great party with the highest brightness montubio possible and that viewers can enjoy the traditional smooth spectacle offered by the cowboys.

Generally constructed scenarios for the realization of the herds, as saltpeter, are made with cane, stick mate, wire, nails and wires. The floor of the arena where the cowboys perform their maneuvers and skills.
This meeting brings together montubio Ecuadorian authorities, owners of farms and ranches, cowboys and teams from different counties and precincts, each team being accompanied by a queen called Criolla Bonita, with its beauty, and their skills with horses, bring to the show.

Among the skills that are Beautiful Creole exhibit some acrobatics and dance on a horse while it is at a trot, and bound horses, either by hand or foot.

In the group of the most recognized and named estates who come to participate in the so-called T in the road between Daule and saltpeter are Paradise, El Chaparral, Rancho San Antonio, La Fe, Santa Marianita, Martita, Destiny, La Palma, Santa Barbara and Bucay Valley. For their participation in rodeos, all teams look colorful cowboy clothes that identify them easily in public.

Participation is not only young cowboy, but so do some more than half a century old in tow and even women who have demonstrated their ability to rider or to use the loop.

Audiences flocking to enjoy the skill of the cowboys, rewarding them with their applause they feel have made a good show. Similarly, vendors concur straw hats, soft drinks and alcoholic and offering typical food dishes such as tortillas, buns freshwater fish, green boulders, pot, mature cheese, fries, tamales, baked, among other dishes from montubio. Also notable is the presence of horses, bulls, cows, calves, hats, spurs.

The firearms with which, by ancient custom, by firing into the air, competing groups expressed their joy and their conformity with the rider participant when performing a good ride, and do not look as before the ban issued by the government on June 30, 2009 so that individuals carrying weapons and therefore, for the last rodeo in saltpeter and other localities, the authorities had police officers were present for crowd control and also to seize guns and revolvers, so no shots were fired with the profusion of old.

Montubio Rodeo


During the performance of the different modalities, especially on the backs of animals, some riders are injured by being laid off by beasts or being struck against the protective fencing. The injuries range from bruises, sprains and broken bones breaking heads to the legs, arms or ribs, and even serious injuries that can cause death.

The greatest danger is lucky for the Cowboys is the bull riding, as these animals are not accustomed to bear any weight on their backs and thus leave the corral in the sand, immediately try to remove the rider and when they do, even lash out trying to hit, so it is necessary the presence of clowns, whose function is to distract the animal to take it back to the corral.

Others bluntly:

Other places are made in local rodeos are Fair Cattlemen’s Association located in the Coastal road to Yaguachi in the grounds of the canton El Rosario Naranjito in Daule, Simon Bolivar, El Triunfo and Balzar, cantons Guayas province, in the parish of the canton Windows Zapotal in Pimocha, San Juan de Puebloviejo, Mocache Quevedo and, province of Los Rios Picoazá in the parish of Canton in Canton Portoviejo and Chone, Manabi province in .

Sometimes also usually part of the show the involvement of children aged between 8 to 12, who is offered a sum of money as a reward to go on the sand to bind a calf and drive it to a circle, should tear it down. The couple do it first wins.

Experience a fantastic holiday in El Rodeo Montubio!

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