Travel experience at Oktoberfest

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What I’ve always been attracted to the beer festival par excellence? Share table and hitting pitchers of beer with friends and strangers alike, to live the atmosphere of a tent where 10,000 people gather to have fun, no hassle, no hard feelings, enjoying food, drink and orchestral music for several hours, in total harmony. To be held in Germany, a country that celebrates a big feast.

Travel experience at Oktoberfest

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Beer, star of the Oktoberfest:

In the three weeks of the day Oktoberfest repeats the same ritual: the great horse-drawn carriages in the traditional manner, full of barrels of beer brands Bavaria centuries, they go in the morning to the esplanade and deliver Thieresewiesen its thousands of gallons of handcrafted beers. Not be long before being eaten.

The beer served at Oktoberfest is all 100% handmade, prepared by the same houses of beer and the same recipes from 200 years ago. In this, the Bavarians are very strict, and the consumer gains from it: it is quality beer, with the peculiarity that causes no hangover the next day if ingested in large amounts (verified by a server).

The odyssey of finding a seat at the Oktoberfest:

It is hard work and tiring, really, not worth a pin here and many of those questions are in a state semietílico, so that their responses are the most diverse. Do we expect the same fate at the end of the afternoon, if we sit? We shall see.


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The atmosphere at the Oktoberfest:

The point is to bring together 100,000 people in fourteen tents in the same enclosure, and expose them to millions of gallons of beer. In 2011 the figures have again been devastating: 6.9 million visitors have come to Oktoberfest, and have consumed 7.5 million liters of Bavarian beer. All this with almost no controls admission to the tent (only visual, no control of metals and frisk you), or highly visible security measures. In the carp gather family, friends, strangers known on five continents, and share all gallons of alcohol in perfect harmony Why can not reproduce the Oktoberfest in other countries? Maybe because the level of civility and maturity of the society that hosts the festival is to be exemplary, and so must be the scrupulous respect for a centuries old tradition. Honestly, I can not imagine that Oktoberfest would be held in Spain.

The numbers of Oktoberfest:

More dizzy figures is said that the waiters earn Oktoberfest € 15,000 to 18,000 within three weeks of the festival. Let’s accounts: prices liter jugs (Mass) are around 10 €, 10 € also costs half a chicken a l’ast and 5 € a typical Pretzel bun. For each pitcher delivered, the waiters are between 1 € and 3 € for benefits (they themselves have to buy craft beer brands, on the premises, at a price of between 6 and 7 €). Just look at the rate of consumption of beer a day in the Oktoberfest to understand that these figures are as high as possible. Another very common that the waiters, as they are dealt to the table service, do not care that there are many women who do not drink or potential overly focused on their sectors so if they see you when you get a potential «good customer», which most likely to help you and strive to place you in one of their tables, and if not, will you. And in any case, if you’re in a group of more than 3 people, you should book a table at Oktoberfest in good time, otherwise it is quite possible that once there, can not find seats for everyone.

Safety at Oktoberfest:

Upon entering the tent, we had already seen that there are enough customers with cloudy eyes and a cheek color raised, very suspicious. The Oktoberfest security staff monitors the environment at all times, if not annoying, you stay in your site if you fall round, you fall asleep at the table or start to annoy the neighbors, immediately go to pick between two warring waiters.At no time are incidents in the tent, and the good atmosphere reigns without interruption.

The treatment of security guards may touch the exquisite, approach you and give you pat and see if you dare, and if they see you take out of the store they do with a certain delicacy and much respect (the drunk) . We saw a case where a customer was literally bent in his chair, sleeping. He had dropped the wallet on the ground, and some neighbors were trying to settle it as they could in a pocket. Came up, joined the fallen (completely asleep), I finally placed the wallet, looked to see if things had lost more and took him with a mixture of delicacy and diligence outside.

The Oktoberfest

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This and more is what awaits you in your travel experience Oktoberfest party!

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  1. saco termico Says:

    I’ve always wanted to go the Oktoberfest. And after my cousin was there and told how is it, I’m more determined to go. Thanks a lot for the post

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