Visual guide to getting lost in the Oktoberfest

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Visual guide to getting lost in the Oktoberfest

This trip gives us the opportunity to see the city of Munich adorned for the great event of the year, the Oktoberfest, the most popular festival in Germany that receives millions of visitors each year.


Photography by GAP089

List tents of Oktoberfest:

Then we will follow the map to tell about each tent.

1. Hippodrom Das, one of the smaller (capacity 1000 seats) and whose decor resembles a circus. The sponsor is Spaten-Franziskaner beer.

2. Armbrustschützenzelt, the tent of the archers whose name comes from an event that is part of the festival since 1895. The sponsor is Paulaner.

3. Hofbräu-Festzelt, one of the most popular and the largest with capacity for 10,000 people if we have the tent, beer garden balconies and Annex.

4. Hacker-Festzelt with a capacity of just under 9500 is another heavyweight addition to being perhaps the most beautiful of all.

Visual guide to getting lost in the Oktoberfest

Photography by AbhijeetRane

5. Schottenhamel, is the oldest tent throughout the festival and this takes place the opening ceremony of the Oktoberfest. It is sponsored by Spaten-Franziskaner.

6. Winzerer Fähndl, the tower will recognize by the Paulaner beer mug in style.

7. Schützen-Festhalle, the tent closest to the statue of Bavaria Frau. The sponsorship is Löwenbräu.

8. Wiesen-Schänke Käfer is a small tent that serves Paulaner and is open until one o’clock.

9. Weinzelt Kufflers for those who will not only beer (Paulaner Weißbier) and prefer wine. Also open until one.

10. Löwenbräu-Festhalle, with capacity for 8500 people is marked by a tower on which a lion roars.

11. Bräurosl of medium-large, 6200 people. The first Sunday celebrates the Gay Sunday event. The sponsor is Hacker-Pschorr.

12. Augustiner-Festhalle, the family tent. Tuesday is the «Children’s Day.» Will teach them to drink from a young age?. The sponsor is the Augustiner beer.

13. Ochsenbraterei whose main specialty is the roast beef. Sponsorship is provided by Spaten beer.

14. Vroni Fischer, carp complement for those who like a good Augustiner with a plate of fish.

the Oktoberfest

Photography by AbhijeetRane

It should be borne in mind that if there is no early entry into the tent is practically impossible and, once inside, without a place in the tables do not serve you so get a beer is almost mission impossible unless you ask for happy for those Germans who are up to the minimum to the table to dance.

In the Oktoberfest tents is not all there are also plenty of food stalls and attractions. Arguably, it is a great amusement park where you can go with friends to «toñarse» or with the family to ride the Ferris wheel or roller coaster. That itself as one of the tips says Manuel, mixing both activities carries an increased risk especially if first passed by a tent.

The whole show takes place under the watchful eyes of Frau Bavaria, a bronze statue that embodies the region of Bavaria since 1850 and do not miss your appointment with the Oktoberfest. The monument is 19 meters tall and sits on a pedestal that add 8 more. Inside is a staircase that leads to a viewpoint located in the head.

Let’s say goodbye with a couple of photos that reflect the party atmosphere that blends seamlessly with the traditional tourist thing.

Until next year!

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