Travel Guide to Amsterdam

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Travel to Holland and discover all its charms, is why many travelers every year come to this country, but the other issue is at what restaurant to eat? What to eat? What means of transport to use? Where to go shopping? So we’ve prepared for today a guide to get a better idea how to get and know about aspects of the city of Amsterdam. These points are:

Travel Guide to Amsterdam

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For an appetizer we started with a minor as «bitterballen» (bitter balls), a kind of fried cheese croquettes, which often accompanies the beer or coffee as a snack. Amsterdam is also known for having the best Turkish and Indonesian restaurants in Europe. Amsterdam is home to many innovative restaurant trends.

Bars, and nightlife in Amsterdam:

It’s easy to find fun in Amsterdam. The «Coffee Brown» are the typical Amsterdam bar. These coffees are a few bars, or merged as between cafes and taverns, are very typical of Amsterdam and coincidentally are named for their dark wood interior. Many of these places have a bar, restaurant and club, which are located on different floors of the premises.

In the Leidseplein area, there are over a thousand of these places, where some places make their own beer or liquor. The pubs and bars are concentrated in the Red Zone, Nieuwmarkt Spuistraat, Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, Kadijsplein and Jordaan.

Where to shop in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a city of small shops. These are fun and unusual shops open all the time. In addition, most of them are very close together so that shopping becomes a pleasure.

The shopping areas and the most interesting shops are: Kalverstraat, Rituals, Leidsestraat, Pc Hoofstraat, Bijenkorf Stores, Magna Plaza, Maison De Bonneterie, among others.

Travel Tips for Amsterdam

Photography by Rick Smit

Where to stay in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has a very wide range as to stay but it is always advisable to get a firm reservation. The influx of tourists is permanent and is accentuated in the weekends. During the tourist season and some special dates housing demand is booming. Many of the hotels in the historical center of Amsterdam have little but cozy rooms. You should also know that there are more hotels and much more spacious design but outside the center.

This is a list of leading hotels: College Hotel, Arena Hotel, Le Coin, Canalhouse Hotel, Lloyd Hotel, Hotel Rembrandt …


You can also choose other types of accommodation such as renting an apartment, lodges, houseboats and camping close to the center.

Essential information for travel to Amsterdam:


Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol), is the main airport in the Netherlands, but even other slightly smaller airports can be found in Rotterdam and Eindhoven, which are not far from Amsterdam. The cheapest way to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol is by train. It costs about € 3.50 and takes about half an hour their way from Central Station. Taxis cost at least € 35 and can be time consuming. As there are frequent traffic jams, no less than in the center where the channels are as many streets are one way. From Rotterdam carries at about 45 minutes by train to Amsterdam. The train costs € 9 and out very often, once or twice an hour. The bus to the train station takes about 20 minutes and costs € 2.70. From Eindhoven, which is twice the distance, there is a direct bus from here to downtown Amsterdam, takes 90 minutes and costs € 17.50 one way and € 30 for round-trip ticket.

Public Transport


Tram, Amsterdam is very easy to get around by tram. The new meters have a limited number of stations, but bus and canal bus complement the tram network. It is worth buying a 72-hour ticket for public transport which costs € 13 in the GVB office outside Central Station. There are also notes 24 and 48 hours. Ask for a map
all routes. There are no trams between 00.30 and 07.00, but if there is a night bus.


Photography by gen gibson


Bike rental in Amsterdam: Here in this city, this transport is normal, with bike rentals can go all the circuits in Amsterdam by bike. For example, you can rent a bike at Bike City in Bloemengracht in the Jordaan area, the price is between € 10 to € 15 per day.


Since it is very difficult to drive through the center of Amsterdam, the taxi is rarely the fastest way to travel. It is even difficult to hail a taxi on the street. The best way is to ask your hotel or restaurant to call one. There are different companies and that is why prices may vary.

Additional data for the traveler:


Telegraaf, Het Finacieele Dagblad, Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad

Emergency Number: 112

Good luck!

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