The landscapes of Cherry Valley Jerte

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One of the most beautiful landscapes we see in Spain is undoubtedly the Jerte Valley, north of Extremadura during the dates of the cherry blossoms.

valley Jerte

Photography by pabloama

The cherry blossoms in the Valley for a few weeks Jerte foster an extravaganza of color, when we can see the whole valley and the slopes of the mountains covered by a carpet of white flowers of one million trees.

Season of visits:

The Jerte Valley is located north of the province of Cáceres, and is crossed by the highway N-110 that runs from Avila, passing through the Port of Tornavacas, up to Piacenza and, finally, Cáceres. It is a little over three hours from Madrid.

But what are the dates on which we can see the cherry blossoms in the Valley of Jerte and enjoy these beautiful landscapes?

The cherry blossoms every year usually takes place between the last two weeks of March and early April and usually lasts about ten days. Of course, the exact dates of the cherry blossoms 2011 more or less depend on the severity of the weather.

Cherry Valley Jerte

Photography by cotallo-nonocot

Thus, if the end of winter is cold, the cherry blossoms will be delayed, and if instead we have several days of mild temperatures, it will be brought forward.

In addition, these days we can find and flowering cherry trees in the lowlands of the valley, and instead are still areas in upper slopes of the mountains.

When to visit the place?

Therefore, to confirm what are the best dates in 2011 to visit the Valley of Jerte and enjoy this spectacle of color, it is recommended in early March, see the official website of the Tourist Office Jerte Valley, where usually publish this information, contact by mail or telephone.

To plan your trip to the Valley Jerte own tourist office recommended, if you come from the north, walk the route from the port to Navaconcejo Tornavacas, which passes through the village of Parks.

nature the valley Jerte

Photography by Maurid80

And a little further south you can take the road that runs through different valleys connecting the towns of Valdastillas, Piornal, Barrado, Cabrero, Casas del Castañar, El Torno and Rebollar.

Of course, you should note that the flowering of the cherry Jerte Valley has become a major tourist attraction, and if you visit during the weekend, at times you may find that even cut temporary roads for the large number of vehicles.

Moreover, during the second half of March in the villages of Valle del Jerte is the Feast of the Cherry Blossom, with various cultural activities, dining and hiking.

Good Luck!

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