Margarita Island, a jewel in the Caribbean Sea

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Margarita Island, located on the north coast of South America, offers visitors a natural beauty, with its tropical climate, dry, ventilated area, which normally does not get away from the 30th and that is outside the cyclone zone.

The Caribbean island of the sea, which is just 23 km from the mainland, it has 3 national monuments and parks 2.

The National Park Lake of the Restringa, the largest of the island, 10,700 hectares are able to love who knows, it has a gap of about 25 Km2 fabulous canals lined with mangrove can travel on tourist boats. The lake also has 20 km of beaches where you can find all kinds of entertainment, music and food services.

El Cerro Grande, with its 950 m tall, is located at the top of Cerro del Copey National Park. From its summit you get a great panoramic view of the island, a walk and very attractive from the point of view, botanical and ornithological. Do not leave without visiting the Hill of Guayamurí, nor had the two little hills, which lie on a plateau south of the restricted, by its unique shape, like the breasts of a woman, been called Las Tetas de María Guevara. Another amazing place to go is without a doubt, the Cerro de Matasiete, where the war of Independence, the most important battle that saw the island.

Margarita, as a free port, is ideal for those wishing to go shopping. The center of commercial activity on the island is Porlamar, on May 4th Avenues and Santiago Mariño, where the largest number of shops and street vendors who offer everything from shirts and glasses at relatively low prices of products to the main prestige.

Beach of Water:
If you are looking for adventure, the island offers, divided into its 158 km of coastline, various services. Diving in the ocean, and their intrepid archipelagos. Paragliding from the nearby mountains to the beaches taking advantage of thermal currents and winds. Bungee on the Beach Water for those who want to feel real adrenaline. Ultra light flying, small planes are flying over the beaches and villages. For the more romantic ride with your partner on the shores of a white sand beach at sunset. And finally, to go through almost untouched landscapes is due to take a Jeep Safari, and well known beaches of the peninsula Macanao.

To reach the island direct flights from many parts of the world, although some people from the Bolivar International Airport in Caracas, and make connections with some line that Venezuelan flights. You can also arrive from the mainland in one of the ferry boats serving daily.

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