Swedish Lapland in search of paradise lost

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Swedish Lapland: in search of paradise lost

Swedish Lapland is not just an unknown and unexplored region of the globe that is leading the cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO in the area, but a place of warm and amazing human stories.

Swedish Lapland

Photography by libargutxi

Travel to Lapland in Sweden is also a beautiful way to perform into his people, and learn from them and their unique region through their customs, traditions and way of seeing life from rare latitudes for a European medium. Over thousands of years of history and natural and cultural treasure this area of the globe, so mysterious and magical, we also discovered the legendary nomadic indigenous people of Lapland, the Sami people, whose life revolves around the other major players in the place: the endearing reindeer. Sami tribe forms the smallest indigenous group in the world with a total population of 75,000 people and has preserved its traditions intact in this region on the map where the sun does not set during the summer months and the northern lights dancing naughty dressed in green, blue and yellow during the frigid months of winter during which temperatures can reach 50 degrees below zero.

land of adventure

Photography by libargutxi

Nature, adventure and culture in a privileged environment:

Lapland is, in turn, land of adventure and nature and a haven of peace and relaxation. The phenomenon of the aurora borealis and its sighting is only the climax of this remote region whose vastness can be seen in the infinite nature, still largely untouched to this day, maintains its forests, lakes and mountains untouched and without trace of pollution. Its beautiful mountains, green in summer and pristine white in the winter are the perfect base for all kinds of sports (canoeing, rafting, hiking, trekking, skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing, skating, snowmobile and karting, etc.) and also protect one of the banners of Swedish Lapland: the few representatives of the Sami ancient tribe, called themselves as «Sons of the Wind and the Sun,» and whose history is as fascinating as unknown to the rest of the world who live outside the borders of their territory.

Gateway to the Arctic Circle:

Skelleftea Airport linked to Spain on a direct flight from Girona to the airline Ryanair is one of the gateways to the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland region. As we approach the north of Sweden for the first time we step on its soil, I realized that I had imagined Lapland and on which he had read the limited documentation I managed to find before the trip (all of English and French) was becoming much more than that: a little corner where rediscover peace, nature and ancient traditions. All this flows into the Arctic Circle, one of those places on earth where you can feel a special energy, and its residents defined as «a place of encounters and conflicts».

Swedish Lapland in search of paradise lost

Photography by oskarlin

Lapland and its people: a warm human storytelling

Swedish Lapland history tells us his people, who are the main protagonists of this land that they qualify «for great human stories.» Over the next few weeks will be the ones who we will be opening the door to the magic and traditions of their places: how they got there, what has this unique corner of the map at the visitor and avid adventure traveler, what are the main secular customs that preserves the Swedish people through the ancient culture of the Sami and many more stories that we will discover as we immerse ourselves in the interior of this excellent show and a bastion of nature, adventure and tranquility that is preserved in the northern European continent.

Did you know …?

Norbotten County is the northernmost region of Sweden, where the UNESCO heritage region of Swedish Lapland. Norbotten has 250,000 people, 120,000 reindeer and 65,000 snowmobilers.

The highest mountain in Sweden is Kebnekaise (2,111 meters) and is in Norbotten
The deepest lake in Sweden is called Norbotten and Hornavan (226 meters)
Swedish Lapland is the land of the midnight sun and northern lights
In the county there are 365 lakes Norbotten 40km2

Lapland is an unexplored region where the sun does not set!

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