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Ponce, Puerto Rico / La Guancha recreation area por Oquendo.

A 75 miles from San Juan, the capital city, Ponce is a very interesting town and starting point for tourism in this city. You can see a beautiful Cathedral and painted red and black.

Ponce in 1883 was destroyed by a fire that threatened to further devastate the south of the island. Thanks to the fire which could have been a tragedy was averted for the island. That’s why now this fire is one of the biggest attractions both Ponce and Puerto Rico. There’s even a museum that is open every day except Monday from 9 am 30 to 16h. Entry and guided tour is free.

Ponce has about 200 thousand inhabitants and is named in honor of Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon. It is the second city of the island and is known for its squares, its churches and the Ponce Art Museum, built by the same architect who did the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Thanks to the beauty of the facades of their buildings was that the whole world to refer to as the City Ponce. Here is one of the most interesting urban areas of the island that is characterized by a variety of styles and buildings there.

Ponce, Puerto Rico por Oquendo.

Ponce city recommend you visit the Centro Ceremonial Indian of Tibes (open Tuesday to Sunday from 9h to 16h) will know much better where the pre-Columbian past of these lands and Castle Serrallés and Hacienda Buena Vista, you move past a plantation of sugar cane, coffee and slavery.

This land is rich and not the capital but close to it, managed to attract many immigrants from all countries: English, Spanish, Italian … and of course, also the American continent. This became the most progressive city in the country and a great cultural and intellectual life.

Historic House, downtown Ponce, Puerto Rico por Oquendo.

And in addition to monuments and museums, there are wonderful walks you can give is that the mall along the beach, a beach full of booths where they serve fries of all kinds. If instead of walking by the sea you want to do for the city you are advised to check out for its parks and streets, some walking as Atocha street, where the majority of shops.

In the vicinity of Ponce have rivers, islands, forests and even as the black Toro: several species of reptiles, birds, trees and rivers up to 9 on the inside.

Also visit the Isla Caja de Muertos, is small, about 3 kilometers long and 2 wide. Its form is similar to a coffin, hence its name. It also has a legend that the pirate buried his beloved here and came to visit his grave every day. Nature Reserve and areas for swimming and a picnic.

Ponce is to be in town in a city with benefits is that this spirit of small population is never lost. In a land of fertile coastal valley in spite of rain here recently, but thanks to the groundwater is rich agriculture.
I think this city is a place of passage if you go to Puerto Rico and really want to know the island and its people.

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