Puerto Rico and the rum factory

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Bacardi excursion por jennifer_wilkinson.

It is not a museum and is perhaps not a typical tourist visit, but if you’re in Puerto Rico, you’re in one of the islands of Rum and precisely on the island which has the largest factory of the world. So if you want to change the architecture and landscape for a while, there’s nothing like a trip to the Bacardi rum factory.

It is only 15 minutes from the capital, San Juan, a town of Cataño. You can get there by car along the bay and also by boat. I advise you that you will enjoy the ultimate view of San Juan from the sea. The boat ticket cost half a dollar or so and visit the factory is free, so I live this experience is not at all expensive for your pocket (a little to the liver).

When you arrive at the factory everything is very well indicated as well that go directly to a tent where you can take one or a few drinks before deciding to visit the facilities. These tasting rum, combined with a soft drink are free. Every 20 minutes leaves a train that runs the facility. The times ranged from 8.30 am until 17.30 pm.

The journey is not very long and they explain the whole process. Start showing sugar cane plantations which are outside. And then enter the building, where you make an introduction to the world of rum and the brand, through the bat symbol Bacardí. A source Andalusian Spanish origin of the symbol of the owner. Paintings pirates, so that the rum is linked to these seamen.

After getting on the field, take to a movie theater where a film project about 10 minutes explaining the history from its origins to today. In short, this film tells the story of a Catalan called Facundo Bacardi, who immigrated to Cuba and bought a warehouse dedicated to the rum industry. And why is the symbol of the brand is a bat? Because the store bought gift Facundo was in poor condition so that only bats. With the Cuban revolution because Bacardí were expropriated, and that were installed by other Caribbean islands.

Once you know the history of the founding family, we teach the way of life from the time the office was Don Facundo with original documents, photographs, paintings … In the next room playing an old and still you explain the procedure followed with rum, you’ll also see some old bottles. And finally, a kind of glamorous bar in the 50s, you can prepare a Cuba Libre, Mojito … one with the information they give you.

Ah! also smell all kinds of Bacardi rum that is: white, gold, vintage, with fruity flavors like apple, lemon, coconut flavors … we have not arrived, vanilla cinnamon is great.

And before you go there, you can send a video message to your friends as it is fun, especially if you’re drunk.

On leaving the train will be waiting for you back to square one, ie tent-bar where you can still make something where there is also a store to buy all types of rum and souvenirs related to the drink: shirts, umbrellas, backpacks, hats …

And a visit here before I’ll give you a hint: if you have not drunk boat again, better take a taxi.

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