Malaga an urban oasis

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The center of Malaga is both historic and commercial center, so it is very nice to enjoy a stroll through its streets during business hours, and make for a taste of daily life in the capital of the Costa del Sol.


Photography by juanpol

The bustling life in the city from early morning until late at night. The bars and terraces are filled at almost any time of year and any day of the week, giving a sense of activity and joy that animates the city to enjoy the outdoors. It is more convenient to stay at a hotel in Manchester to visit freely, but then book a few days to rest in one of the coastal towns.

Malaga monumental heritage dates back mainly to two times, the Roman and Arabic. Materialized at the Teatro Romano and the Alcazaba, as senior representatives of a splendor that goes back many centuries.

The center of the city concentrates most of the monuments and we can use a morning stroll through the streets also visiting the Cathedral, the Episcopal Palace, the Palace of Zea Salvatierra, without forgetting the Sagrario church that Easter is witness and protagonist.

Malaga an urban oasis

Photography by TonioMora

The visitor senses immediately recognized the importance it has had and still has the botanical in Malaga. The gardens of the Paseo del Parque account for a major exhibition of monumental art, including the Palace Hall or the gardener’s cottage, wrapped in leafy plants brought from far away. The tropical air of these trees and plants, feeling the breeze of the sea a few meters, offers the opportunity to enjoy relaxing walks among the old and famous beach Malagueta.

The park and its surroundings are present in the daily life of the city. Its history dates back to 1896, when a law of Antonio Canovas del Castillo, provided that demarcate the boundaries of the port area, with the intention to use the meters from the sea and turn them into a garden in the middle of town.

The jewel of Malaga, Finca de la Concepción, tropical garden is the largest in Spain and one of the best in Europe. The tour is a real show of feeling. One can easily imagine walking through a tropical jungle, elegant, yes. A century and a half old (1850), and its creators were Amalia Heredia Livermore and Oyarzábal Jorge Loring, Loring home Marquis. It was declared a historic-artistic garden in 1943 and, though born as a private dream, is now part of public property in the city. In the museum there is an interesting presentation on archeology and pieces of statues and Roman mosaics.

Malaga of the monuments

Photography by Bogdan Migulski

Gibralfaro Castle is located in the city of Malaga, located at the top of the hill, 130 meters high, which is also the citadel of Malaga. From its walls there are spectacular sweeping views of the city and the coast. It is considered the Spanish Historical Heritage.

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