Las Caldas Thermal Village in Oviedo

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Hotel Las Caldas Villa Termal en Oviedo por Viajes Bookaris.

Las Caldas Thermal Village is ready to be among the hundreds offered by the Spanish territory, in different municipalities. These springs are defined as places, especially organized for visitors to enjoy the benefits of native medicinal mineral waters. Waters, among other things, they emerge as natural heritage by providing therapeutic actions. The complex set of proposed stay in the tourist can choose from the wide range of health spa, or visiting hydro mineral aquifers.

Proposals have been adapted for those hoping to get away from the noise of the city and leave the stress of everyday life. There are treatments for those who seek treatment for her figure modeling quickly and effectively. Also for lovers of healthy skin, there are successful programs for hydration, oxygenation and aesthetic therapies. Las Caldas, specifically, is a good place to enjoy all these alternatives. Because trips are also a good excuse to treat yourself to a stay car entertainment and car care, with all the comfort, luxury and beauty.

Las Caldas Thermal Village:

The facilities are varied, and that is why every tourist can plan their stay in the way that most pleases him. We talked about sports as trekking, golf and cycling routes as main players, adding to this the cuisine, relax in hot springs or medicinal and therapeutic treatments. You can choose each of these options in their assorted alternatives which are developed at suitable sites to provide the best service.

Curarse en Cuerpo y Alma por Yermass.

For sports junkies, the event focuses on Aquaxana Spa. XXI century complex has 300 m2 of huge gym, ready to receive the cultivators of physical activity. There, coaches, teachers and doctors are responsible for developing customized routines for each of the attendants. But after working in earnest the body and mind have dispersed, spacious suites will be offered as shelter to those interested in relaxing and re-energize.

For those wishing to move the body without making physical size in the gym wear, the unit, known by the name of Aquasfera is an excellent opportunity. Here is the star stage medicinal mineral water, which introduces its swimmers in the world of hydrotherapy. The scene complete an enormous garden of 800 square meters, details of which are able to entertain the visitor during the stay in place. Colors, smells, shapes, music, nature, flora and fauna are blending, recreating a scenery worthy of a paradise on earth.

However, after that surreal scene, typically reflective, relaxing, sport reawakens your senses. Just 300 meters from the Grand Hotel, stands the Ciudad Deportiva Las Caldas, whose area includes tennis courts, paddle, and a sports court for athletics, cycling and other activities more.

The special place is reserved for golfers, with a field-hidden among the green mountains and valleys hosted by the Nalón which have 18 holes, which can enjoy during the stay in the Thermal Complex. Meanwhile, for those who persist in the idea of playing sports in contact with nature, there is the Senda del Oso, a rugged path in which you can enjoy a day of fishing or canoeing, or a pleasant cycle tour-tourism.

Those visitors who wish to be advised about activities and treatments may be available on the Healthy Living Institute. There a team of professionals from multiple disciplines, work planning the best stays in the Villa, according to the desires, tastes, and the momentary needs of the client. For them, it offers the comfort of five star Gran Hotel Las Caldas. A classical facade, combined with a purely avant-garde and modern interior are the ingredients of a stay of pure luxury and comfort.

About the site expect an answer to your health, The Royal Spa Caldas, offers modern facilities that you can enjoy the thermal waters and their therapeutic benefits (sedatives, painkillers, relaxants, anti-inflammatory). Meso-thermal water, bicarbonate and magnesium fully prepared to deal with the complaints of visitors.

And to cap a brilliant stay, the table will be served by inviting taste gastronomic delicacies prepared by local chef. The same can be glimpsed salmon out there in the flow of the river, reach the mouth of the tourist, in perfect combination with a Mediterranean sauce. The meeting happens in the Viator Restaurant, located on hotel premises, which also offers light menu for those who arrive determined to nurture and shape their bodies.

The trip is determined and served. For those wishing to enjoy stressed, cerquita of Oviedo, on top of nature, a waterfall of pampering, care and benefits they can expect to be deposited.

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