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The Indian subcontinent has for many years one of the most prized tourist destination for Westerners, but almost by inertia, most chose the Spanish visitors in its first trip to go to the northern states.


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Perhaps the approach to wholesale travel agencies, looking for a proven infrastructure, has boosted the city of New Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh by the lure of the Taj Mahal in Agra, and as much a trip to see the contrasts of the mythical and mystical Varanasi (Benares). But India has much to do and not just the places mentioned above there is also the entire strip of the Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir from the northwest, with the wonderful Ladakh, to the little-known state of Arunachal Pradesh, at the end northeast, not to mention exceptionally beautiful areas such as those found in Himachal Pradesh, or the state of Bihar, where we find the landscapes that surround Darjeeling and Sikkim through, at the foot of the immense mountain of Kanchenjunga. For us not heavy enough to say that the east coast, the shores of the Bay of Bengal, and the center of the country are also areas that await us with plenty of places to see. But today’s post is to make a splash in the extreme south, in particular the state of Kerala. Yes, the South also exists!

Aspects of the city:

The state of Kerala occupies a narrow strip on the southwestern tip of India, situated between the Arabian Sea to the west, the state of Karnataka in the north and the state of Tamil Nadu to the east in the so-called Malabar coast. This place has been visited by foreigners for centuries, Chinese, Arabs, Persians, and not just for tourism, the main interest was to control the lucrative trade in the «spice route», in fact Columbus wanted to reach this part of the world, for him the Indies, but who himself was the Portuguese established Basque da Gama, who founded a fort at Kochi, in the late fifteenth century. The market dominance of species with time spent hands Dutch and then British. Existing species are dealers mapillas (brothers), a heterogeneous group of descendants of Yemenis and Arabs, Muslims, and Catholics siromalankara, a form derived from the original Nestorian Christianity, both groups have the common language Malayalam (malaialam) .

Kerala - Travel to South India

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The state capital is Trivandrum. The government is in the hands of the Communist Party – Marxist for more than fifteen years. The main religion is Christianity. The most convenient entry points to Kerala international airports are Trivandrum and Cochin, although you can always arrive via Mumbai or Delhi.

Places to visit in Kerala:

From the point of view of tourism attractions are many and varied. For those who like beach resorts and not find peace and palm trees in Kovalam and Varkala. In the highlands on a plateau of around 1,000 meters, almost on the border with Tamil Nadu, Periyar and Munnar find, ideal places to discover the plants that give rise to each of the species and landscapes dominated by the green of the jungle, tea fields and plantations of Hevea (latex). Visitors thrill-seekers are linked to nature on the occasion of Periyar go into a wildlife reserve dedicated to the tigers, but these cats are very few, less than 35 and it is almost impossible to see, however it is easier see wild elephants, several species of ruminants and numerous birds.


One of the attractions that is becoming more popular is to tour the backwaters on a houseboat (Kettuvallam). The Backwaters are a great set behind the lake shoreline, consisting of brackish lagoons and fresh water, natural and artificial channels, all fed by fresh water coming down from the highlands (western ghats). The floating houses of magnificent prints are the best option to enter the channels, plying the waters covered by a green carpet formed by water flowers. The Backwaters of Kumarakom are luxury resorts, a great alternative for those who find the very modest Kettuvallam.

Travel to South India

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And all tourists will reach the rich and varied folklore of both the Christian roots, as Islamic or Hindu. Of all the forms, the best known are the colorful performances of Kathakali dance-drama. Anywhere also can let the visitor be treated by medicine and Ayurveda massage (a mixture of philosophy and healing science, with over eight thousand years of tradition). Malabar cuisine and how could it be otherwise, charged species, gives visitors a good and wide range of products and dishes to choose from.

Kerala is only a small part of the South India, a hidden treasure that is waiting for you!

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  1. india cultural diversity Says:

    Malabar cuisine and how could it be otherwise, charged species, gives visitors a good and wide range of products and dishes to choose from.

  2. Tourism Says:

    Kerala is blessed by the several wonderful tourist attractions, beaches ,world class Ayurvedic therapy, exotic south-Indian food, fascinating culture,and excellent hotels and accommodations which are the most popular in all of them.

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