Festivals and tours in Alicante

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Festivals and tours in Alicante

Between the sea and the hills that served as protection in times of conquest, Alicante has been since antiquity a confluence of roads and cultures that have left their mark on the landscape and culture. The first traces back to the Bronze Age, but it’s certainly the Muslim occupation that has set in both the city and the province of place names and geographic locations.

Festivals and tours in Alicante

The Muslim presence is still very present today with the celebration of fiestas of «Moors and Christians», with which we commemorate the landmarks of war that occurred during the war of conquest and reconquest.

Fiestas of Moors and Christians:

These festivals are held in the city of Alicante all year round, as each neighborhood has its own. They are a festival with great participation. Its people are part of extras in the case of side «Christian» and ponder for the «Moors», which represent different interests in life at that time, as in the representation of the battles.

The Templars, the Zulus, the Almoradi, pirates and peasants masers are just some examples of the different configurations that take part in the festival, wearing colorful costumes in a parade through the streets of the city, accompanied by numerous local bands.

Festivals in Alicante

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The tradition of bands throughout the Valencian allows for hundreds of them and their quality is recognized nationally and internationally. Even the smallest village has its own band, which supports the teaching of music since childhood.

The focus of the parties is the parades are held in the evening and all the groups and brooding show their clothes, with specific steps and choreography for each of them. Every town and neighborhood has its quirks, but it is very common also include performances by dance groups, fighting with swords and horses. The staging traces the history of acts throughout the day, which commemorates the battles that took place in Alicante land. The festive eating and dining together, and at night, premises open to the public with music and bar tops.

The festivities of «Moros y Cristianos» de Alcoy or Villena are very famous for the large turnout of citizens, they are virtually in all areas of the province, and even extend to some villages in the north of the Murcia Region .

Essential visits in Alicante:

The beaches of the Costa Blanca often take away all the attention to the city, but if you stay at a hotel in Alicante, there are some parts of the city you can not miss.

The festivities in Alicante

Photography by spiraltri3e

Castillo de Santa Barbara:

Located on Mount Benacantil. From the fortress you can see a complete view of the city and the coast. Within the city you can visit the twentieth century sculptures from the collection layer.

Esplanade of Spain:

It is the most important ride of the city. It is during weekends and holidays when more activity is. Open craft stalls, there are performances, artists and hundreds of Alicante walk along its wide sidewalks. The tiles of the pedestrian area have become a hallmark of the city, as the drawing reminded waves.

The district of Santa Cruz:

It is one of the most picturesque of Alicante. Tens whitewashed houses with brightly colored flowers populate the hillside Benacantil. The Procession of the Holy Cross is the most prominent of Alicante. The bearers fall and then rise again to the chapel at Christ Gitano. The maneuver through the steep streets is an impressive demonstration of effort and skill, which focuses each year thousands of spectators.

It is the highest quarter of the city and its streets also celebrated the feast of the Cruz de Mayo. These dates were further adorned balconies, porches and balconies, getting a burst of color that contrasts with the white of the facades and the dryness of the mountain.

Church of Santa Maria:

Built in the twelfth century on the ruins of an ancient mosque. Throughout the centuries there have been many reforms, the biggest was being rebuilt in the fifteenth century Baroque porch extending later.

Cathedral of San Nicolás de Bari:

It is hard to enjoy a full view of the construction, since it is embedded in a small old town square. It is highly recommended to visit the interior, cloister and Baroque altars.

See you at Alicante!

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