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Puerto Plata is an excellent tourist destination in the Dominican Republic for those who want amenities and night, music festivals, sports tourism and resting places as the golden beach resort.
Located on the north coast, Puerto Plata is one of the country’s provinces with the highest potential for tourism in the Dominican Republic. Here the visitor can enjoy lovely places like Sosua, Cabarete, Playa Dorada, among others.

Puerto Plata has, like Havana in Cuba, a jetty that is about more than 6 kilometers long. In Puerto Plata is located in an excellent conservation, the strong fortress of San Felipe, one of the first in America. This mole was built to defend the island of Santo Domingo for possible invasion, it can see a museum of historic photographs, weapons used in war for independence.

Puerto Plata is also acknowledged for the excellent rum coming out of their factories, especially Ron Brugal brand known worldwide, of which 360,000 liters of rum out daily.

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This town no more than 15 years ago lived only on fishing, today boasts large resorts and is noteworthy for having a lively night is because it offers many nightclubs and bars. All the months of October to bring together major U.S. and Caribbean artists, is celebrated Jazz Festival of Sosua is the Jazz.

It is notable for being the mecca of windsurfing in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean. In Cabarete each month of June is celebrated Cabarete Race Week and has been held ever World Cup Windsurfing, as well as its winds account alder large waves to play the sport.

Playa Dorada:
For the most comfortable and yet livelier, 15 minutes from the airport of Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada is a resort that has more than 15 resorts available for tourists. The night tourist has three casinos and three clubs located in the complex. Casinos are located in the «Allehgr Jack Tar», «Amhsa Paradise Beach Resort» and «Occidental Playa Dorada») The clubs are in the «Heavens (Andromeda)», «Playa Naco (Topps)» and «Amhsa.

For those wishing to visit this province of the Dominican Republic this area is really an interesting place, with a major development in all its services, with a large eco-tourism and lively nights.

Dinner at Cabarete Beach:
Playa Cabarete in Dominican Republic is a small town of Puerto Plata which is 15 kilometers (2o minutes) from Puerto Plata International Airport on the north shore of the Dominican Republic. It is an excellent vacation spot. With his charm, and the combination of relaxed lifestyle and adventures, many visitors opt, or at least be tempted, to extend their stay.

The village of Cabarete is spread in the center of a ring of white sand. Delimits just behind with a tranquil lagoon, green hills and full of tropical vegetation.

The perfect combination of physical environmental elements of nature, such as the location of coral reefs of the Dominican Republic at the entrance of the bay, the direction of trade winds that blow in general, and low-lying hills behind the village, which causes a thermal effect, form a beautiful picture. Creating an unusual synthesis of outstanding wind conditions and waves. This makes Cabarete is an exceptional place, not only for water sports like kite surfing and windsurfing, but for surfing on the beach of «El Encuentro».

Cabarete is also the perfect place to just lay back to catch that perfect tan is the best thing to do when tourists are not bathing in the warm Caribbean waters, or participation in some other adventure sports like fun biking mountain, dive, wakeboard or canyoning.

Cabarete and nightlife (restaurants, bars, discos and casino) is legendary. Hence the visit to Cabarete, once experienced never forgotten .. and by the way .. You’ll want to come back for more…

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