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Underwater Sculptures, on the island of Grenada has set up a mega underwater installation very surprising. Visiting it brings a unique experience.

Under the Caribbean waters off the coast of the island Grenada is a sculpture park. To achieve this we must go by boat and dive between five and eight meters using a computer to dive.

This mega-facility was created by Englishman Jason Des Caires Taylor, who performs as a response to the damages that were caused by Hurricane Ivan in 2006. As a result of this is thought of building a sculpture reef where marine life is rebuilt.

Tropical rain forest, Grenada, Caribbean

The facility has 65 pieces made in concrete and steel, they do not have any protection.
The marine currents, tides and the organisms that live underwater are continually transforming each sculpture.

The idea is to create a unique space where the important thing is to see environmental processes and explore art together with the natural environment.

After a while the site will become a place where other local artists also displayed their works.

Moliniere Bay Park is a place those who roam the area should not miss.

Is to visit an art gallery under water covering some 800 m2. In it we see optical and physical effects.
The objects are 25% larger when they looked through the glass of the mask and for that reason seem closer, the colors are changing for the effects of light refracted into the water and everything works together like a kaleidoscope that generates a unique feeling.

We must bear in mind that the audience is appreciating these works all the time submerged in water and in constant movement.

Des Caires Taylor is an eco-artist, who loves scuba diving and photography, these skills will have been useful for others at the time of installation.
Several groups of sculptures that are part of the park in Bahia Moliniere.

One of them is called Vicissitudes. It will see a round-ethnic children who are holding hands. It has a special finish that helps the colonization of other varieties of coral and marine life.

Symbolically is meant for the growth and power of transformation and see how the weather impacts and shapes the physical body.

Lost correspondent shows a man sitting at his desk with a typewriter.
A group of newspapers articles and the 70 that are on the table refer to the alliance of Grenada with Cuba after the revolution. The man represents a relic fossil in a lost world.

The Diablesse was inspired by famous literary character grenadine, she seduces men and leads to death. The sculpture is in a maze of coral and causes an abrupt meeting with visitors.

The Natural Grenada Island

Grenada is not the only place where you can see this type of installation, also exist in Canterbury and Chepstow, United Kingdom, Des Caires installed very similar samples of the site.

Currently the artist is working on a series of sculptures to be located on land and under water in the area near La Castella and Capo Colonna on the Italian coast of Calabria.
What inspired the artist was the discovery of an archaeological center of Greek origin, roan and Byzantine.

Gorgeous Day for Sailing

A new adventure in the world, traveling to the island Grenada!

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