Travel to Uruguay: La Paloma, Cabo Polonio and Lighthouse Santa Maria

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In Rocha, Uruguay is the lagoon of the same name, declared National Park in 1977. The lake occupies about 72 km2, with a strip of sand that separates the sea, which opens periodically.

This natural habitat is sighted over 200 species of birds among which we highlight the Chilean flamingo and black-necked swan. Beside the Lagoon Otter is of great importance for the diversity of its fauna. There you can see swans, herons, ducks, Bigua and screamers. At about 14 km west National Park is an important viewpoint Lakeside, which lends much to the bird watching.

Travel to Uruguay

Photography by Libertinus

Aspects of place:

In the spa La Paloma, Rocha Province, peaceful resort of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, stayed at the Portobello Hotel, facing the sea and its own beach. The city is remarkable for its beauty, exceptional quality of life, given the safety and proximity to all places. Their roofs, built by a plant material are extremely striking because of its special shape. People not in a hurry, walk quietly through life. The main charm of the resort are its beaches, each with its own personality.

La Paloma

Photography by blmurch

Cabito beach, La Caldera and Bahia Grande:

In summer (December-March) are an important number of tourists, returning again to the calm place in the month of March. Surfers, nature lovers and old people are looking for a well deserved rest to offer this small town, visitors are favorites. Its climate is mild and pleasant temperature. Tourists enjoy smaller Cabito Beach, also known as La Caldera, and older will meet at beaches like Great Bay, boats or balconies. In the latter, where the lighthouse, visitors gather to watch the sunset and applaud the sunset, a tradition well known to holidaymakers.

Cape Santa Maria Faro:

Highly recommended as walk is the lighthouse of Cape Santa Maria built in 1881 by the large number of shipwrecks that happened in the area. The lighthouse has a spiral staircase of 150 steps to the summit, where you can take panoramic pictures and watch the entire spa.

Wind farm:

Another important attraction is its offering Rocha Production Plant Wind Energy, which is composed of twelve mills of forty feet. On the Atlantic coast, is Valizas, small population born on the shores of the sea and is home to fishermen and tourists who love the serenity.

Cape Polonius:

Returning to Route 10 Cape we find Polonius, a very attractive, rugged, rustic and cozy. Clean and perfect nature invites you to tour Cape its huge dunes on foot, horseback or four wheel drive jeep. The beaches are wide, fine sand, with waves of large size and pale green water and high transparency. This makes them ideal for swimming or diving.

Cabo Polonio

Photography by Luke Netwalker

Off Cape Polonius is a group of three islands can be visited by boat. These are: La Encantada, rock and Rasa, place of residence shelter sea lions and gulls.

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