Ecopark in Ecuador of Fun and wildlife

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Here are a possibility linked to nature, flora and fauna of Ecuador. The province of Tungurahua is just 5 minutes from the city of Puyo, Pastaza Province, in the Amazon Ecopark is Monteselva, which is reached by an excellent road and where tourists can also enjoy a great variety of services, see numerous species of animals living in this place.

Ecopark in Ecuador

Photography by Rinaldo W.

In this area, there is the entrance to the Amazon, a place where different ethnic groups are settled as that of the Huaroainis, Achuar, Shuar, Ando, ??Shili, Quichua and Cofan, who for many years were the owners of the place but in Today, before the advance of civilization, and are increasingly reducing their habitat and habits to suit the modern world, although there are still those who prefer to preserve their ancestral identity.

Ecopark provides a wide variety of attractions for those who arrive a the, which includes tours of trails leading through the thick one green vegetation, canopy, hiking and views at the top of the tops of the trees across the trails wildlife observation, and other travel experiences.

Shamanic Bathrooms:

In Ecopark has a special section dedicated to shamanic bathrooms, where the figures come in search of treatment that rejuvenates within hours, clean your skin, removes toxins from your body and energetic.

The indigenous experts the secrets of the forest, medicinal plants combined with special clays in the place and show tourists the time that they enter the house of steam, what type of clay used and medicinal water whirlpool.

Ecuador of Fun and wildlife

Photography by skifatenum

Walking trails:
You can take a tour of some of the paths of EcoPark, the place is home to animals, especially monkeys. During the tour you can watch the parasitic plants, called Matapalo, which grow like vines around the trunk of the tree known as Guabilla. The vines are used by Aborigines as ropes to tie the wood with which they build their homes.

To all this it has an atmosphere that permeates our arrival in this corner of Ecuador, where all nature is expressed in all its harmony and lifestyle, so that tourists arriving for the first time experiencing a major attraction that compels him to back to these wonderful places in the world.

Ecopark in Ecuador of Fun and wildlife

Photography by quinn.anya

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