Visits to Lake Bled Slovenia

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Lake Bled is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions of Slovenia. Located 45 km. northwest of Ljubljana (about 45 minutes by car), in full Julian Alps, is a perfect getaway for a sunny summer day.


Photography by Her Own Journey

This little tourist town near the border with Austria, and the people live by and for the lake of blue water, calm and clear that it is so famous in the region. Thus it pays to be for a couple of days for this young and green country.  After a visit to its capital, Ljubljana, we can encourage you to delve a few miles north and visit the lake that offers as bucolic as it prints.

Lake Bled:

Even in the middle of August, Bled and its lake are a haven of peace. A few tourists walk by boat on the lake, as many sunbathers lying on the grass on its banks, some bathe, and perform other activities. One thing you should know is that the car park is not complicated; there are private car parks around the perimeter of the lake. The average payment for having the car in a parking lot in the south, it costs us an average of 1 € per hour. It is very possible that the lake area near the town of Bled has something more active, so this area a little further away is ideal for quietly contemplating the scene, take a dip and lie on the grass while we dry in the sun.

Visits to Lake Bled Slovenia

Photography by habi

Recommendations of the trip:

The waters of Lake Bled have a very pleasant temperature in summer, so a swim is a good idea. In these many tourists have found that this action could become one of the best memories of our trip to Slovenia. It is recommended that yes, take a shower shoes to prevent slipping when entering the water because the floor is wooden and rather narrow, and no wonder it is completely covered with vegetation very slippery. Another important thing, around the lake is quite deep, so refrain people who can not swim.


Lake Bled is surrounded by mountains almost completely, and thanks to that temperature has something nicer than the rest of Slovenia. For example, in July the average is 18 º C (with a maximum between 22 and 26 º C), while the January average is 2 ° C (-5 º C minimum). The rainiest months are October and November, and it can snow at times. In winter the lake freezes and the ice skating takes center stage. The lake is 457mm in height from the sea.

* On the northern shores of lake stands a towering cliff, topped by the medieval castle of Bled, one of the oldest fortresses in Slovenia and deserves to be treated in a separate article.

Looking for the luck on the island of Lake Bled:

One of the things that most attracts the attention of the lake is the small island on the west side and topped by a beautiful church. This picture of the lake is undoubtedly one of the best photos we can do. As additional data say that if they want to visit the island, there are several types of boats that will take us. Alternatively, we can rent a paddle boat and ourselves. The price is 10 € an hour. If you go in large group or if you prefer to take individually, there are gondolas where an experienced rower carries about 10-12 passengers on the island. Once there, the gondolier will announce in Slovenian, English, French, German and Italian in 30 minutes sail again. The price of this trip is 12 € per person, and so you can visit the church of Lake Bled, which provides features such as photo postcards and spectacular site. The Church of the Assumption seems more like a little fairy tale castle than a place of worship, and it is anticipated that the search for a striking beauty had much to do in its construction.

Visits to Lake Bled

Photography by jsouthorn

As a curiosity, the Slovenian tradition says that if you can load a newlywed bride in his arms and bring along the 99 steps that separate them from the church of the Assumption, the marriage will be successful. Another legend says that if you get to ring the church bell three times, our desires will be fulfilled. These bells were built in the fifteenth century and made in Ljubljana, the capital, so it is safe to say that have rung a few times throughout its history.

If you want to spend some quiet days surrounded by nature and an option to swim in a lake of clear water, overlooking a spectacular landscape, I do not know if there are better places in the world and Lake Bled.

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