Chile: Opportunities to explore and discover

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The opportunities to explore and discover Chile with regard to tourism, is wide and filled with activities. Below is a list of these places:

Chile Opportunities to explore and discover

Photography by Avodrocc

 Torres del Paine and Milodon Cave:

The main places that travelers visit Torres del Paine is the Cueva del Milodon and penguin colonies. He noted that the nature tourism grows from 15 to 20% annually. As special interest tourism, noting that it represents 70 million tourists a year in the world.

The surface area of Aysen, has an area of 132 000 km2, with 152 000 inhabitants. Half of the Territory (eleven areas) are protected. The demand is greater than supply, lacking accommodations, restaurants, guides, people who speak English, and transportation.

Opportunities to explore and discover

Photography by re-ality

Looking at the stars and spirits of Colchagua:

Is the wine train, two hours away, the Indian villages: Rapa Nui, Aymara and Mapuche, the astronomical center, as these three people looked at the stars. The telescope has the ability to observe 40 000 stars and there are other 4. All this is presented in the Museum of the meteorite, which is another attractive night. In the villages the fire is lit at night and take the «spirits of Colchagua.» Is the Mirador, where the chef Coco Pacheco teaches cooking.


Photography by Avodrocc

Lolol and Cerro Shaman:

In Lolol, Region VI is a collection of crafts from the Catholic University and the Foundation Cardoen. In San Pedro de Alcantara belvedere was installed in a former Franciscan monastery.


In Vichuquén, there is an inn with a museum. There was a winemaker but there was no technical to continue the process of winemaking. Technical University was made for senior professionals in the Colchester Campus Institute of Technology in Santa Cruz. Laboratory Technician Now wine in winemaking, enology and viticulture, as well as tourism. This study creates a space for young people to not have to come to the city of Santiago to form.

It has become the Wine Museum, the Automobile, life, a living museum and experiential from what fossils were. That culture is quite didactic.

Transport links:

Puerto Chacabuco saturates 30 cruise ships per year, while Balmaceda airport has been improved. Between Coyhaique and Aysen lives a population of 110 thousand people. The second city receives 40 000 visitors annually, of which 27 000 are Chilean and the rest foreigners. The growth rate of foreigners is much higher.

Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica is of special interests. Is the center for scientific tourism in Patagonia. There are national and international tour operators throughout the area, then come mostly foreign tourists, who has reported extensively on all programs offered via the Internet.
Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, located in the Southern Ice Field, is a vast territory to explore. They also have underwater natural historical heritage of Chile. Now you are starting with 37 new projects and the resources for it have grown in a high percentage.

We can say with confidence that you are working hard and extraordinarily professional manner towards our tourism and there are very serious studies and numbers that support the entire work of InvestChile CORFO.

Enjoy your trip!

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