How to bargain in China

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If the last post to haggle in Morocco said that in this North African country haggling is an art in China haggling is a sport and if you are a foreigner, a need to not charge you sometimes 10 times the value a product.

How to bargain in China

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Haggling in China:

As in the other posts of haggling, the important thing is that the products you carry, buy them at prices that seem reasonable and above all that you a good time for the game of bargaining. Here are some tips to bargain in China:

In China, although they want to buy, the seller will prompt you to buy the product and start racing.
In China, unlike in some countries like Morocco, in case there are language problems, huge solar calculators are used for trading. With this calculator, you and the seller will go on introducing figures to reach an agreement.
Before you start haggling, select all your pieces. Think that although they may have in store, office or where you are, in a few minutes can access it and traértela. Be very clear that 98% of things that show you are forgeries, from watches, bags, shirts, bags, shoes, etc. you’ll find hundreds of products in China. Remember not to buy any product as if it were original.

Buying suits in China

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Buying suits in China:

After selecting all the products, the Chinese vendor will offer a first price with his giant calculator usually direct you in your language (very basic). The first thing marketers are wont to say is, for example, «You’re not American, including $ 100, but you $ 60!». What may appear to look like a good price, a price is still very high, possibly by 4 poles known brand. But to get this rebate, you must begin to act because they are players of high caliber, possibly cry, be angry, you cry until you cast them in the store. Above all, do not get nervous and you think this is the price, keep it. If the seller does not want to lower the price and the final stages (or not) of haggling, leave the store very politely saying that you want for that price. Count to 5 and again have the seller a few meters away from his shop chasing and giving a price closer to yours in order to continue racing.

Guide to China

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If you go to touristy areas of the market makes it harder to bargain and vendors also will be more unpleasant. For example, in the Silk Market (Silk Market) from Beijing you can feel assaulted by sellers simply tell them that you do not want to buy anything (the Lonely Planet guide to China so clearly indicated, as warned on the pickpockets). In contrast, other markets in Beijing and Shanghai, almost never have similar problems when purchasing. American friend beware of high prices when buying.

Now that you know purchase advantage!

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